Below are the top penis enlargement devices reviewed by Mensproblem. Each of them has their advantage, feel free to read and learn before chosing any product. All of them offer a money back policy so you don’t have to worry much about it. Some may be better if you need girth while some will make you gain length easier it’s all about your choice. Penis extenders will tend to focus increase in length more that girth and penis pumps will focus more on girth.

Please read the review carefully to get the most out of each product. bought the tools and tested with our invited acquaintance in exchange of their reviews. We will keep the privacy of our participants and will not in anyway reveal their names or pictures without any permission. Also please be sure to buy the correct one from the correct website. The links we provided in each review are the ones you should use, there are a lot of fake ones out there so be careful.


We give our reivew on 2 of the most popular pumps both of them use water as a medium to enlarge the penis


All existing extenders need to be worn at least 6 hrs/day to give you gains from our data. Currently there are 2 types of extenders

Traditional extenders

This extender type uses strap to grip penile under the glan and stretch out. Provided enough time and you will see permanent gains.

Vacuum wrap Extenders

This extender type, with vacuum, uses a condom like to seal around your penis and pull your penis around your waist. They also give permanent gains just like traditional ones.

Money Back Guarantee

All of the products come with money back guarantee policy so if you’re not satisfied you can easily request your money back. We,, has partnered with all the products manufacturers we reviewed, so we are able to help maintain the integrity and customer satisfaction for these companies.

Expected Results

Extenders and pumps do provide solid permanent gains. All users that have commited to the process will see improvement. However, if you’re stuck and need some advice you can contact us by giving us the order ID of each product you bought through links from our website. We will give advice only to those who bought via our links only since we cannot answer all the questions with limited time.


Your privacy is our top priority. We have never and will never reveal our customer names no matter the situation. We only publish photos, results, penis size with anonymous.
Please make sure to use the link on our site since we do get commission from them and use it to buy more extenders and pumps to get even more data from more test users. Furthermore there are a lot of scammer on the internet, if you get scammed we can’t do anything to help.