Phallosan FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About the Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte Ultimate FAQ

Phallosan forte was the first penis enlargement device that we had recommended back in 2014.
We tested it and found out that more than 90% of the users had success with it so we feel good recommending it.

There is a learning curve of course, but after a week you would be proficient enough to put it on and off very quickly.

Anyway, hopefully this FAQ below could help you gain/learn faster and know exactly what should be taken care of before you buy.


Q: How do I avoid ripping the condom sleeves?

The most frequently asked questions of all time. How to avoid ripping condom sleeve?

There’s no secret here, it just that most of the time you lose patient and go too fast than you should and your nail rip the condom apart.

Be sure to be gentle and you will get them a longer life time of 5-6 months. Roll the condom NOT pull.

However, it will happen and hopefully you took up Phallosan on their offer and ordered through Mensproblem.net for the free 4 condom sleeves.

Have patience with the condom sleeves, especially if you are in a rush and trying to take off/put on the device quickly.


Q: I ordered through Mensproblem.net, how do I get my 4 free condom sleeves?

If you order from our link, the 4 free condom sleeves ($100 value) are already included in your order.

No need to do anything else.


Q: How often should I switch sides?

Phallosan recommends switching sides everyday.

But from what our team have seen it’s totally up to you.

For maximum growth you should not wear only one side.


Q: What is the best way to sleep with device on?

One of best thing from Phallosan forte is that you can sleep while wearing it.

I don’t recommend this if you’re new to the device though. Try taking a nap then see what you feel first.

I have slept on my back with the device on and it’s totally fine.

Don’t plan on sleeping on your stomach. I personally believe it reduces the traction force.


Q: I got blisters on my penis head

A little blisters are fine. It means the traction force is enough to pull your shaft and break the micro-tear.

This isn’t going to hurt you. Just leave a little room in nipple area for protector cap.

You can also apply Vaseline on your penis head to prevent blisters.


Q: Can I do hanging with this device?

You can, but please don’t if you’re not really an experienced PE’er.

This device doesn’t meant for that and it could break the device.


Q: How long should I wear the Phallosan?

As recommended from Phallosan, the first day of you using this device should last only 1 hour at the low green level.

After the first day increase the wearing time by 1 hour per day until you reach 8 hrs/day. After that it’s up to you now.

You should also wear Phallosan 6 days and rest for 1 day.

After that I recommend wearing it for 10 hrs/day since from the statistic this seems to be an optimum point.

set phallosan to green level

Q: Is Phallosan really unnoticeable under clothing?

Let me tell you this – wearing sweatpants, fashionable shorts, dress pants or any other would be fine unless tight pants.

This device will be particularly unnoticeable.

And when the device is working properly, trust me you won’t care much about this anymore.


Q: Can I drive with this device on?

Yes, absolutely. And getting in and out of the car isn’t a problem either.


Q: How easy is it to take the device on and off?

The first time you put on a device will be a problem for sure. But after some learning curve you will be able to put it on appropriately within 30 seconds.

However, please be warned: Put the Phallosan on SLOWLY. You REALLY DON’T WANT THE CONDOMS TO TEAR.


Q: What if I get a boner while I’m using this device?

Sure, go ahead noting bad would happen. Suction won’t loose/hurt your dick at all.

The condom wouldn’t tear from erection for sure.


Q: How should I incorporate other forms of PE along side this device?

Previously, we recommend using any other forms of PE on the same day that you use Phallosan.

However, after years of researching and doing statistic work. It later found out that using Bathmate after Phallosan seems to give best result in term of speed.

That is you can get 1 inch in length in as soon as 3 months. You can find more information at the bottom of our Phallosan review page.

Worry not if you don’t have money to buy them both. Phallosan alone works extremely well.


Q: What is the best way to put on the Protector Cap?

Use both of your thumb to stretch it and place over your gland.

The protector cap is thick enough, no need to worry about tearing it apart.


Q: I’m un-cut (uncircumcised) can I use the Phallosan Forte?

The device was designed to work just fine no matter if you’re circumcised or uncircumcised.

Pull your foreskin back, hold it, put your penis head in suction bell and roll the condom on.

If you find it difficult because you have lots of foreskin, then just put Phallosan on normally, don’t need to pull your foreskin back.

It will work normally.


Q: How do I know the right size of my condom sleeve and suction bell?

In general, if your flaccid girth is:

Under 4.7″ – small sized condom/bell will fit you.

4.7″ – 5.0″ – medium sized condom/bell will fit you.

Over 5″ – large sized condom/bell will fit you.

These 3 sizes will accommodate 99% of cocks.

As of today there is no report of phallosan can not fit for someone dick.

AGAIN – The above numbers meant to be your flaccid girth.


Q: My condom loses grip/friction with my penis, What do I do?

If you had noticed when you first get your phallosan. You will see that they are powdered.

This helps the sleeves and suction bell grip your shaft tightly.

There is nothing special about this powder though. It is just a baby powder you can buy anywhere.

Just light coat it again and all should be good.

phallosan forte baby powder

Q: Can the Phallosan Forte cure Peyronie’s Disease (Curved penis)?

The Phallosan might be helpful at straightening your penis the official website claims that it can.

Some users in penis enlargement forums claim it is true.


Q: Where is the clinical test of Phallosan Forte?

You can have a look at the clinical studies on this page.

Both studies were published in medical journals that are subject to peer-review.


Q: What if I do kegels while I’m using this device?

Fine, please do lots of kegels while using this. It won’t hurt at all and this device is designed to handle erect penis easily.


Q: I have more questions, where can I find more answers?

Phallosan has published their own FAQ. In there official website there is a FAQ page

And also a video FAQ.

Have a look at it here.

As well as the video FAQ – which is here


Q: I have a question but can’t find the answer here and there,  where should I ask my question?

You can send us a message in the contact form. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.




  1. Question: after wearing the Phalloson forte for several hours my foreskin sticks to the condom, making it painfull and, thus, difficult to remove. How do I keep the foeskin from sticking?

    • I think you pull your foreskin back before putting the condom on?
      I just put it on my foreskin and I remove it every 2-3 hours to pee and put it back on.

    • Adjust the phallosan belt. It will be a little bit hard if you’re doing it the first time. But adjust the belt from time to time and you’ll get it.

  2. Hello Paul, I saw the statistics you made based on other users’ reported gains but I would also like to know more about your personal experience with Phallosan. How long have you been using it? Can you tell me what your gains have been? Thanks you a lot!

    • Oops sorry for the late reply.
      It is quite sometime now since the day I used phallosan but if I remember correctly.
      My personal gain is 1.5 inches in length within 12 months and I wear it around 10-12 hrs everyday.

  3. Hello Paul,

    How much tension should I use on Phallosan for the optimal results? And how should I increase this tension overtime? I was thinking of starting at 1200g and working up to 2000g. What do you think?

    What tension levels did you start at and progress to, in order to achieve your results?

    • Hey Alex,
      I don’t think you can accurately start at 1200g. If you haven’t done any penis enlargement before I would highly suggest that you use low-mid green level.
      And do that for a month then step into mid-high green for another month. Don’t forget that you should wear phallosan for about 10 hours/day for maximum gains.

      • Can you wear phallosan for more than 10 hrs a day? Is it bad to wear more than 10 hrs?

        • According to a lot of users I read online it won’t help. The optimum time to wear phallosan is 10-11 hrs/day.
          Wearing it more than this doesn’t give you better result.

  4. I’m circumcised and was wondering if it’ll also grow my foreskin aswell as my penis

    • There are a lot of circumcised people who’ve gain their foreskin back as well as length and girth.

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