Learn How To Ejaculate Faster

Although many men struggle with early ejaculation, delayed ejaculation is becoming an increasingly common issue. Possibly the result of decreased sensitivity at the tip of the penis, this is a problem that can also have its roots in the decreased testosterone production that naturally occurs as guys grow older. Delayed ejaculation is also suspected to have underlying psychological issues that sexual therapists have yet to fully understand. The good news is that if you’re tired of taking forever to reach climax, in this article we will tell you how to ejaculate faster and there may be several things that you can do to start peaking quickly.


Try Masturbation Ahead Of Sex

┬áIt’s believed that self-stimulation is an effective form of therapy for delayed ejaculation. This allows men to touch and tease their penises in the exact ways that produce the greatest amount of sensitivity. Just ahead of ejaculating, men can then insert their penises into their partners. Although this is hardly a recipe for pleasing both parties, it is a form of couples therapy that can gradually bring men around to maintaining more normal ejaculatory habits. Over time, men can start engaging in actual coitus further and further ahead of ejaculating until there is no need to masturbate in advance of sex at all. Additional to this increasing your size with penis device like phallosan or penis pump like bathmate also tend to increase sensitivity.
how to Ejaculate faster

Talk To Your Doctor About Altering Your Medication Routine

One of the most common, known causes of delayed ejaculation is the use of anti-depressant drugs. Many of the most often prescribed products actually have a negative impact on the portion of the brain that’s responsible for triggering the male orgasm. In fact, some anti-depressants can actually negate the potential for ejaculating entirely by changing specific transmitters within the brain. Luckily, these are rarely, if ever, permanent side effects. More often than not, men can try alternative forms of treatment of switching to anti-depressant medications that do not have this impact. Sadly, delayed ejaculation is a largely unreported side effect that many guys simply opt to live with. Talking with your urologist or the prescribing doctor will allow you to know more about alternative avenues of depression treatment and to determine whether or not any prescription drugs that you’re currently using are responsible for causing this type of sexual dysfunction.

Dealing With Pudendal Neuropathy

Limited sensitivity across the entire genitals is known as pudendal neuropathy. This is actually a common development among avid cyclists, men who wear excessively tight clothing and guys who have have suffered blunt forms trauma to the genital region. The pudendal nerve travels through the anus, genitals, urethra and perineum. Thus, when this nerve gets damaged, guys may not feel much at all in any of these areas, especially when damage is severe. Even a quick fall from a snowboard or while skiing can create this type of nerve damage. If diminished sensitivity makes delayed ejaculation a problem shortly after an accident or blunt force trauma, guys can often expect to regain some or all of their sensation across the affected area as inflammation abate and the body naturally heals itself. In some instances, however, surgical intervention may be required.

Do Away With Over-Stimulation

how to ejac fast

Perhaps the most common cause of delayed ejaculation is over-exposure to pornography or pornographic materials. This type of entertainment often sets up unrealistic expectations for sexual encounters. When the visual, auditory and other stimuli fail to match a man’s past experiences when pleasuring himself while watching porn, natural, mutual sex between two partners is not sufficiently stimulating for moving a guy towards climax. It is believed that this may be one of the underlying psychological causes of delayed ejaculation, as well as a plausible explanation for the recent rise in this issue. As porn becomes increasingly accessible, the drawbacks of over-stimulation through over-exposure become increasingly visible. Thus, if you don’t have pudendal nerve damage and your aren’t taking anti-depressant medications or any other prescription drugs that might alter your brain’s ability to register sexual excitement, it may be time to limit your consumption of porn. If this is indeed the underlying cause for your delayed ejaculation, you should see a notable improve in your sexual functioning after just three to four weeks of living porn-free.

Have Your Hormones Screened

Low levels of testosterone can definitely have an impact on a man’s ability to ejaculate. Testosterone levels can dip for a vast range of reasons. Every man will experience a natural decrease in this important hormone sometime in his mid to late thirties or early forties. Guys who have used anabolic steroids, prescribed steroids for the treatment of auto-immune disorders, or prohormones, may need hormone therapy to get their testosterone production back on track. For steroid and prohormone users, delayed ejaculation can be a lasting symptoms of hormonal imbalance following one or more, rigorous cycles. No matter what the cause of a person’s testosterone shortage might be, hormone therapies can restore normal sexual functioning while providing an increased sense of overall virility.

Schedule A Consult With A Psychologist

The most effective treatments for all forms of sexual dysfunction involve both psychological counseling and medical guidance or intervention. While the problem may be wholly physical in natural, it can also be both embarrassing and capable of having a lasting impact on how you approach and feel about physical intimacy. Working with both medical doctors and psychologists is also key for accurately identifying the underlying cause. This is especially true with delayed ejaculation, given a number of the possible causes for this issues are still not fully understood.

Deal With Shame, Anxiety, And Stress

Although men are often accused of having fewer or milder emotions than women, they are surprisingly complex. Thus, while you might think that delayed ejaculation is entirely a physiological issue, it could actually be related to financial stress, sexual shame, or anxiety. Getting to the root of these issues is vital, even if other, physical problems are identified. If during sex you find yourself reflecting on your unpaid bills, your mistress, your religious upbringing, or the potential for bad things to happen in general, scheduling an appointment with a psychologist is absolutely vital. Together, your psychologist and urologist can devise an individualized and integrated plan for restoring your sexual well-being and health.


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