Is Bathmate Safe To Use?

Bathmate Safe To Use

Bathmate hydromax as the name suggest uses water to create vacuum in the tube. Normally penis pumps use air because it’s easier to build but the vacuum is not as effective as water based. 

Hydro pump is best used with warm water. The water temperature should be around 42-45 Celsius or 107.6-113 Fahrenheit. With this temperature yours smooth muscle in penis will become very elastic and the injury is very less likely to happen.

A lot of reviews suggested that hydro pump is better than air pump due to the fact that water is incompressible so when it creates vacuum, the effect is instant and has no fluid build up in penis as much as air based penis pumps. There are more discussion about this in my bathmate review.

Sure, the temporary gains from bathmate will fade away but if you continue to use it and maintain a proper routine the temporary gain will become permanent.

Is Water Based Pumps Safer Than Air Based Pumps?

Short answer is YES.

If you have ever used air based penis pumps then surely you will have seen red spots around your penis head. But with bathmate, a hydro based pump, you have the option to fill the tube with warm water and the risk of getting injury is very very low. Your penis cells are warmed up and can stretch more without getting any red spots.



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