How to get the most out of your Bathmate routine

For as long as mankind can remember people have continuously tried new male equipment enhancement techniques. Sadly, the majority never worked and proved to be mere publicity stunts. Then roughly a decade ago, came an equipment that changed this and has been proving its worth ever since. It was the ‘Hydromax Bathmate‘. Small penis size not only affects the performance but also the confidence. Many men have reported of cumming way too soon or losing their erection because of their smaller penis. The world wide web has so much information on the product that even after the proven results a few of us are still confused about how to use the equipment correctly for faster and better results. But before going into that it is important to understand why and how the product works.

The corpora cavernosa or the erectile tissue of the penis is responsible for the length and width of the penis. Erection is achieved when this tissue filled with blood. This tissue can be further developed by training it to hold more blood at a faster rate. The penis can be trained for this by rightly using the bathmate. Due to continued use the user can get thicker longer penis with increased stamina. It is also known to help patients with erectile dysfunction. The device can be used both in the shower (standing position) and while relaxing in the tub (sitting position). Before proceeding further we have listed the parts of the device to better understand the procedure.



Parts of Bathmate :

1) Central latch- It is used to switch the device on or off. The center position is on. The latch can be closed by pushing the latch and sliding to either right or left direction.

2) Central valve- It is responsible for holding the pressure in the device and is used once the exercise is over to empty the water from the body.

3) Body with measure gauge- The body is made up of a transparent material and has an inbuilt ruler to better realize the progress. The ruler can be replaced later on if required.

4) Comfort pads- These are made of foam rubber and helps in better pumping and suction. The comfort pad is made of a very soft material to avoid any discomfort.

5) Shower strap- This device is used when using the bathmate in the shower. It connects from the valve area and goes around the user’s neck. It is soft to touch and made with a sturdy and durable material to avoid any discomfort.

6) Pleasure rings- Usually bought separately pleasure rings are responsible to improve blood flow and erection during the whole exercise.

Procedure to use in the tub :

1) Slightly push the latch (present at the top of the device) and slide into the central or open position.

2) Insert the comfort pad next to the body of the device and match the markings on both.The markings help define the correct placement of the chamber.

3) Fill the tub with warm water and relax for five minutes. The warm water relaxes the tissues and helps increasing the blood flow.

4) Fill the hydromax with water and insert the penis inside with the chamber facing downwards.

5) Form a tight seal between the body and the device. This seal helps in achieving better suction while exercising and so better results.

6) Start pumping. This will further create suction and expel water. With continuous pumping the penis will be drawn up the tube.

7) Continue pumping for 15 minutes. For better results follow this up with mild stretching.

6) Compress the valve to release suction and water from the device. Safely remove the device.

Procedure while showering :

The process is similar to the former with only a few technical differences. These are as follows:

1) After preparing the device and loosening up in the shower for 5 minutes, insert penis in the water filled device with the chamber facing upwards.

2) While pushing the mate towards the pubic bone the penis will be drawn up in the device.

3) The exercise should be done for 15 minutes for best results.

4) A hands free shower strap can be used to ease the showering process.

Other things to remember while using Bathmate :

1) Penis enhancement is like body building for the penis. The results are not seen overnight. However, one of the easiest ways to know that your exercise is done correctly is to look for a noticeable change in the penis girth after first use. This change however will not be permanent and will ween off within four hours of exercising.

2) The permanent changes can be seen as early as 2 weeks. First will be the increase in width. With continuous three month use length increase will be visible.

3) Just like the best muscles are made only with proper recovery, not overdoing the exercise is very important. The device should only be used for 15 minutes and not more than once a day.

4) The device works best in water environment but can also be used with air. The results are faster when compared to the counterparts.

5) With continued use, the water will relax the spongy erectile tissue. This relaxed spongy tissue then has the ability to hold more blood and so better erection.

Cleaning the device


After use, cleaning the device is very important to avoid any infection. Many cleaning kits are available in the market. The most popular one’s contain a sponge head cleaning brush, one to two towels and a carrying case. The sponge head brush prevents scratches on the body on one hand and is long enough to clean any remaining debris near the inner valve at the top.The case is as a convenient and easy traveling option.


Being a decade old, the product carries faith of many and is regarded as the best bathmate in town.When used regularly for a time of 18 months the product has reportedly fulfilled hundred percent of its claims and so discussing the right usage method becomes far more important. When used correctly this product can be a game changer in the field of sexual counseling,disorders and personality issues. Read more on our bathmate review.



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