Penomet Reviews 2020

The Penomet penis pump, the alternative of the great Bathmate pump (you can compare between the two with regards to our review), has gained immense popularity after being introduced in 2010. For the last few years, Penomet underwent improvements thanks to the clients’ feedbacks. I used the complete Premium Edition package in order to write its review with the different components tested.

You are advised to buy it only from their Official Website. The link gives you 35% off as always.

However, there are many counterfeit sites giving fake offers. As a result of this, Penomet stopped giving away its coupons. The checkout form does not contain any coupon field. Each customer will get the minimum price if he buys with the link above.


Here are the different packages along with their price in US$: Penomet Standard $127, Penomet Extra $197, and Penomet Premium $297.

These are the prices after giving 35% discount and exclusive of the shipping costs. They will depend on the locations and currency. You will find a comparison between all the packages in a detailed manner below.


Official 2020 Review

I have used the Penomet given by the testing lab for a period of 8 months in order to record the progress and write a personal review. I have not ever used pumps and extenders and liked the Penomet being a beginner. One of the volunteers, who was also a beginner, used the Bathmate pump and went through same kind of results;
Penomet is very simple in nature which can be easily operated. It can work in both water kept in the bathtub or air, though using with water is advisable. You will feel extremely comfortable with suction gaiters because they are made using soft silicone which is strong and durable.

Reasons to choose a water-based pump:

The blood vessels of the penis expand by getting heat from the water and eventually get relaxed. The hydro pumps are thus highly effective (mainly because of the permanent gains) as compared to the other extenders and no penile stretching or jelqing is required (though many people users have experienced better gains on doing so). What you will need is a 70% boner.
Here are the advantages of using water based pumps:
More blood will flow through the veins into the penis, thereby helping you with better erections and keeping sexual diseases at bay.

  • You will observe an immediate increase along the length as well as girth after each pump
  • There will be provisions for permanent increase. Especially when you are at the more advanced stage, you will reach the peak with respect to the size and will find it hard to gain more.
  • With long-term use, the gains last more.

The other commonly available penis extenders do not make use of warm water and thus require a number of weeks to reveal the results. With pumps, the gains will be instantly visible and will last throughout the day even if you are a beginner.


Which package should you order?

The product comes in three different packages: Standard, Extra, and Premium. The basic difference is the number of gaiters or pumps of varied strengths that are included.

  • The Standard edition includes just one gaiter.
  • The Extra edition includes 3 gaiters.
  • The Premium edition includes 5 different gaiter forces.

The gaiters will allow you to control the strength of water that is pumped inside the tube.
The red gaiter is the strongest
You can wear different gaiters on different days during your exercise in order to maximize the pressure and at the same time plan a sufficient recovery of the penis tissue. There is a free sample routine of Penomet available on the website and its complete version is included inside the package.
The 5th gaiter called “Force 80” that is found in the Premium edition exerts the maximum pressure that is available and is must for those who want long-term use of Penomet. You will not get the gaiter loosely in the official website of Penomet, and weaker gaiters will only take you so far. The official gaiters for sale can be found everywhere. So only for this reason, I would recommend the Premium edition for long-term gains with permanent results.
Unlike Bathmate, the Penomet pump comes in one size that is large enough to accommodate everyone’s length and girth. Penomet might appear to be excessively large for guys with a penis of length lesser than 5 inches and they must look at the Hydromax series (probably X20). The tube colors will be ‘clear’ enough for seeing the gains, such that one does not have selecting any one from them. I personally liked the colorless tube since it showed progress more clearly. It should be mentioned here that your favorite color may not always be available.


How to use?

The pump can be used regularly. Using it is really simple and funny at the same time. It does not only feel great but shows immediate results. The pump has to be worn for a duration of 15 minutes under the shower.

The recovery time varies between 18 to 48 hours (it will take more time if you are a beginner or in case your penis feels sore). In course of time, different gaiters should be used for getting a greater suction force or the included guide has to be followed.

Optional: while not under the shower

Penomet can be used with air. I will not recommend it to you since the heat of the water will give you better results and thus save your time. The package did not include gun oil shine lubricant (as of the year 2015). It was meant for using the device without water which most people did not prefer.

High Quality

The Penomet has a great build. The gaiters being comfortable do not leak. The pump is powerful too and when used under warm water it makes you feel great. The strongest “Force 80” is quite powerful and lets you to experience more permanent gains. It has been a year that I have been using the pump (sometimes aggressively) but it still feels to be a new one. Also, if the gaiters break due to some reason (though they are not likely to break), you will get a free replacement that will be delivered according to the lifetime gaiter warranty that comes with the package.

Useful tips and facts

  • Use before sex – Temporary results are good enough to make your penis bigger for about 7 hours of use (it may take even the whole day).
  • Cure sexual conditions –Improper blood flow or restricted blood flow can cause Erectile Dysfunction (aka impotence or E.D.) or Premature Ejaculation. With the help of Penomet you can expand the penis veins, thus allowing a better blood flow. You will get stronger erections and controlled orgasm as a result. For the same reason, the doctors prescribed penis pumps initially.
  • Better sex – Since a better flow of blood takes place into the penis (mentioned above), the sexual drive will last longer and you will get better orgasms. The results may differ from one user to the other; however, you will experience a better sexual performance due to the betterment of blood flow.
  • Temporary and permanent results – The gains that you will experience originally may not be long-lasting. With an increased use of Penomet, your penis will get bigger. You will not get immediate results, but will have to wait patiently for it.

Before and After Conditions for My Penis

Let me explain you about the permanent gains. Temporary gains are usually 0.6 inches along the length (the condition is same even now); however, they normally last many hours after the bath.

Before using Penomet, the initial size of the penis was 5.8 inches. According to the manufacturer, you can gain 1 to 3 inches with long-term usage, of which the first inch will grow within 1 to 3 months. It is just a general statement which was just ideal for me. On using it for two months, my permanent penis grew to be 6.5 inches (0.7 inches gain). It is always easy to increase the first inch. The new users will be able to reach there without putting in much effort. But, it will be a bit tricky to increase the second inch, mainly the second part, would be the trickiest. Today, after 8 months, the size of my penis is 7.2 inches (with an increase of 1.4 inch).


The lengths mentioned above are the lengths at erected position. The flaccid size was even more than this but the measurement is a bit difficult.

The process was easier since Penomet was used more or less daily, which, according to me is the fastest progression so far. You do not need to rush or perform any aggressive exercises (though I sometimes do the same).

Where to buy?

Penomet should be bought only from its Official Website. There is a number of fake and scam offers provided by the resellers. As previously mentioned, there is no coupon or discount code applicable for the product and there is no provision to enter the same in the process of checkout. It is a one-time investment, but yields benefits in the long run besides providing reliable support, and lifetime warranty for the replacement of gaiter for all its packages.

Competitors of Penomet

There are many cheap and low-quality pumps available in the market which will leak and are unable to hold sufficient pressure. The Bathmate pump can be a very good alternative to this. (Read our Bathmate review). It was available in the market long before Penomet but is a bit different.