Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax refers to a range of penis enlargement products. If you have heard much of anything penis pumps, or penis enhancement pumps, then you’ve probably already heard about the Bathmate Hydromax series. These are some of the most popular pumps on the market. The question then is whether or not they deserve the hype.


What Is Bathmate Hydromax?

The Bathmate Hydromax consists of several different products and accessories. These water-based hydro pumps promise to produce dynamic results in hardly any time at all. Bathmate will draw water into the tube and create negative pressure to expand your penis. As time goes on, the company promises this effect will become permanent, rather than wearing off after just a few hours. Minimal promised results can start at a penis that increases in girth and length by a full inch. However, the company promises that many can see results as significant as a three inch increase in both girth and length.

These are some pretty significant promises to bring to the table. However, as you are quickly going to discover, Bathmate Hydromax seems to meet all of the promises it promises to bring to the bedroom.


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Hydromax Benefits

You can increase your penis length safely and permanently, as we mentioned before. You can also increase the girth of your penis as well. And at the same time, you can also give yourself stronger, more powerful erections. This water based pump is way stronger compared to air pumps since the water is in-compressible fluid which will be less likely to make your penis has fluid build up. You can increase your sexual stamina to a significant degree, as well. With this pump you can do all of these things safely.

Even better? You can do all of these things quickly. Believe it or not, but the average session with one of these products is just fifteen minutes. Devoting just fifteen minutes per day to your body with this product is something that almost anyone can do. Over a fairly short period of time, use your bathmate around 5 days a week you should begin to see some comprehensive results.

It’s definitely nice that Bathmate Hydromax backs all of this up with a money-back guarantee. At the same time, it is once again important to remember to follow the directions carefully.
Here is the tutorial video:

Study up on these, and make sure you are getting the best use possible from your Bathmate Hydromax.
You will also want to study up on the different products that are available! Keep reading.

The Bathmate Series

The original series. These are ideal for beginners, and they are available in two sizes and two colors. They are designed to be used in the bath or shower. It is worth mentioning again that these products are completely safe to use.

Here is a little more about the two possibilities that you can consider from bathmate hydro pump:

  • ฺBathmate Hercules: For penis length of 6 inches or less.
  • Bathmate Goliath: For lengths that go beyond 6 inches.

Hydromax X-Series

If you already have a certain amount of experience with the older Bathmate Hydromax products, then you are going to want to strongly consider the potential of the Hydromax X-Series. These are designed for more intermediate users. As such, they can offer potentially greater benefits. However, if you don’t have the right amount of experience, then you aren’t going to necessarily realize those benefits. “Bigger” is not necessarily better in this case!

Available in three unique colors, these pumps can promise up to 35% more power, amongst other things. The new, removable comfort pads is another feature that is worth getting excited about. This provides for a seal around the body that is not only tighter, but considerably more comfortable. There are currently three versions available under this specific line:

  • X20: The Hydromax X20 works with penises that are 4 inches or less in size. The price is $139.
  • X30: The Hydromax X30 works well with penises that are 6 inches or less. The price is $159.
  • X40: For penises that are greater in length than 6 inches, the Hydromax X40 represents an attractive possibility. This is currently one of the more popular models currently offered by the company. However, it is worth repeating that your success with this product is very keenly tied into your experience level. If you are a beginner, you probably won’t enjoy ideal results with the X40. The price is $199.
  • X50: The top of the list for products available under the Hydromax X-Series. The plan is still for this one to come out at the end of 2016. If the current length of your penis is greater than 9 inches, then you can definitely benefit from this safe, effective hydro pump. Will be released in 2017


Hydromax Xtreme-Series

Featuring a new valve and detachable handball, there is no question that this is one of the most impressive range of penis pump products ever created. These are designed for people who have a great deal of experience with these products. You should probably have a lot of experience with the two other product lines from Hydromax that we’ve covered so far. Otherwise, there is no way to promise that you’re going to get the kind of results you are after.

You can also purchase the Hydromax Extreme-Series in a value kit. This kit includes the pump, a carrying case, a measuring gauge, a cleaning sponge, a handball pump, a hose attachment, a comfort insert pad, lubrication, security lock, and even a shower strap. If you are the kind of person who knows exactly what they are looking for in an effective penis enhancement pump, and you have the experience to back that up, then the value kit might just be your best bet. To be sure, it certainly packs a massive amount of value into its offerings.

In terms of specific products from this line, there are two that you can presently consider at this moment in time:

  • XX30: This is for penises that are 6 inches or less.
  • XX40: This is for penises that are more than 6  inches.
  • XX50: (Xtreme X50) – for a length of more than 9 inches. Costs $349. This will be a new pump in 2017

Official MensProblem Review

We bought one hydropump each from all the 3 series listed above. We bought all of them from official website for writing a detailed bathmate review. I used it myself and made some volunteers share their results for the last 20 months.

Penis pumps prove to be effective and hassle-free for increasing the penis length and girth. They are not uncomfortable and do not cause irritation unlike the traditional extenders. They rather feel nice and prove to be helpful over time, and also give medical benefits at the same time.

Process in which Bathmate Hydromax works

It basically creates a vacuum, thus helping the skin and the tissue of the skin to expand. The expansion occurs naturally because it is somewhat similar to erections since it keeps on happening throughout. If you use it regularly and with good recovery time between two uses (about 12-36 hours), you will find a permanent expansion in the tissue of the penis.

If you use it for a duration of 15 minutes with full or nearly full erection, you will get a temporary gains of .50 inches along the length and .75 inches along the girth. (Which is actually great if you want to increase the size just before having sex with your partner.) If you are a beginner, you will find greater gains since the penis tissue is very tight naturally. These gains last for 18 hours (approximately), including the times where you lose an erection and the time for intercourse. You will observe permanent gains after using it consistently for some time. As a whole, there will be more blood flow to the penis which will result in a hard and firm erection.


Types of Bathmate Gains

  • Temporary Results – After the use of Hydromax for 10-15 minutes, I found gains of 0.25 inches along the length and 0.75 inches along the girth. The flaccid hung size also saw an increase. The changes are more remarkable for beginners, but there are visible gains for my position too. The temporary growth will persist only for a day. It would be the best to use it for a few hours before having sex (here since the condoms are tighter, you will have to buy one with a comparatively larger size).
  • Permanent Results – The instantaneous results will be permanent if the device is used regularly for a longer period. You will find it similar to the work-out related to muscles. For instance, in case of weight-lifting, the muscles feel bigger and more pumped and return to their original state after long hours. With consistent workouts, the muscles will grow and a fixed size will be maintained. It is also applicable to the Bathmate Hydromax since the penile tissue expansion after a pump is somewhat similar to that of the muscle tissue.

Which Bathmate pump is better?

First of all, you should buy a bathmate pump with scopes of expansion.

The original Hercules and Goliath released long back in 2009. They were quite effective and received a lot of buzz in the media. As a result, a number of competing cheap and easily broken rip-offs from resellers and on the e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay were encouraged. Bathmate is thus a very popular hydro-pump. Each online search for penis pumps will bring it up.

In the later part of 2013, two new series of pumps were introduced by Bathmate. These are the Hydromax X-Series and Hydromax Xtreme-Series. These new hydro pumps offer you the following:

  • New Gaiters System that give you a pressure power of 35% more.
  • Swivel Gaiters which help in rotating the pump as you are wearing it
  • New Lock Valve for fixing old leaking issues on the Hercules
  • The external pump providing more customizable pressure (Xtreme only)

Our recommendation: If your budget permits you, you should positively get the Hydromax X-Series. It is still a very nice pump, but is somewhat outdated. If you commit to this, you should also spend a few more dollars for getting a stronger device which will provide you with more comfort. The Xtreme-Series with the hand pump will be a great addition for the ones who are seeking the ultimate pressure adjustment, but will not give you better results as compared to the Hydromax X-Series because the same gaiters are used.

Hydro pump of the correct size should be selected depending on the size of the erect penis (at least 6 inches) but also considering the future expandability. It is advisable not to use the new X20 since it provides no room for growth. The Goliath is the largest supporting of more than 9 inches.


My Bathmate Results – Before Using and After Using

It has been 20 months that I have been using the Hydromax X40 for 19 months (for about 10 to 15 minutes a day and 5 times each week). They give immediate results that are clearly visible after each use, even if you are just starting out. The penis looks bigger (about 0.6 inches) for long hours. Here are the permanent results that you should keep in mind:

  • Before using Hydromax the length of my penis was average (a little less than 5.4 inches).
  • After using it for four months regularly, I observed noticeable permanent results (a permanent increase of 0.9 inches) even when I took a break from pumping.
  • And another one more year, there was a further increase of 0.90 inches (due to a slightly slower progress), and a total of 1.7 inches gain.
  • At 19 months of usage, the total growth was of 2.1 inches. The present size is slightly more than 7.5 inches (it was 7.7 inches just after a pump session). I don’t know whether the penis will grow even further, since it also depends on one’s genetics. I will post the pictures of the states before and after the usage of two years so that you can observe the sizes by yourselves.

The process involved is a serious one, but it is quite enjoyable. And I must say I’m really happy with the results.

The official site gives free shipping and also a discount of $69 along with the bundle upgrade (towel, case, shower strap, lube, cleaning kit and other such stuffs). Bathmate started in early 2015 and does not accept coupons anymore because of the fraudulent promoters and counterfeit products. It has become quite strict regarding this. The price remains the same as the last few years for everyone.

Bathmate Results from 20 Users

Ok, so I just wanted to know when I first start looking for bathmate, if it’s real or fake. I wandering around internet and gather all information I can find. I only collected data from users that ONLY use bathmate and nothing else, no manual jelqing, penis extenders, etc. just pure bathmate gains. That’s the reason why I can only find 20 of them else it would be much more than this.

Bathmate Results

Ok, let’s breakdown this table.

Starting Length: Initial penis length before using bathmate.

Starting Girth: Initial penis girthbefore using bathmate.

Length gains (inches): How much that user gain in penis length at that time of report.

Girth gains (inches): How much that user gain in penis girth at that time of report.

Months on bathmate: How many months that user has been using bathmate.

Usage type: Use bathmate in bathtub or in shower.

Girth gains/month (inches): Girth gains in inches divided by months of using bathmate.

How much time to reach 1″ girth gains (months): Yeah, as the title says.

So from the above bathmate gains table, the average gain per month of ALL users is 0.06609 inches.

Total users girth gain are 10.50805 inches within 159 months of bathmate.

Which mean you will gain girth 0.50805/159 = 0.06609 inches/month

And that means if you want to increase 1 inch in girth, it would take 1/0.06609 = 15.13 months (Around 1 year and 3 months.)

Yeah, it takes long time to gain 1 inch in girth but let’s be honest 1 inch increase in girth is massive.

And by the way, the data don’t have a usage time from each user, but my guess is probably 15 minutes/day like the bathmate manual says.

*Please note that this number is only the average from the users data above. And the results of course will vary due to our physical and others conditions are different. This is just for fun calculation.

The data table is difficult to read? Here you go.

This one is results of length gains from bathmate (many users did not report though, they mainly target for girth)

Bathmate Length Gains

This one is results of girth gains from bathmate

Bathmate Girth Gains

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The blue bar is the gains, and you need to look up the value at the left axis.
The red line is the wearing time and you need to look for the value at the right axis.
For example user number 2 gains around 0.6 inches girth in around 7-8 months.

Which Pump Is Right For Me?

This is something that we should cover in our review one more time. When it comes to improving the size and strength of your penis, the temptation is to always go with anything that promises the most power and the best results. To that end, some of the more high-end examples of what you can find through Bathmate Hydromax can prove to be incredibly tempting. Nonetheless, you should avoid the temptation.

If you have no experience with these products whatsoever, then you should opt for the Bathmate Series. These are not only designed to produce results, but they’re really quite safe to practice with. In addition to the informational resources that you can find on the website, there is no question that using these products effectively comes down to a certain matter of finesse. You are obviously going to need to put in some time practicing to get comfortable with things. You want to establish a routine, as well as a certain comfort zone with using this product properly.

Can someone be successful against such a learning curve? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you should try. You also really don’t want to waste your money. Although there is a nice range of numbers, when it comes to how much Bathmate Hydromax costs, it is also true that the more advanced products are a little on the pricey side of things. This is particularly true, when you compare them to the Bathmate Series.

To sum it up: If you definitely want to buy Bathmate Hydromax, then start simply enough. Start out with the Hercules or Goliath, and then start building at things from there.

As we mentioned before, in hardly any time at all, you should begin to see some pretty amazing, healthy results.

A Few More Facts About Hydromax Pumps

In the end, water is ultimately safer than air, when it comes to these sorts of products. It is also worth keeping in mind that warm water is better for proper blood circulation, which is an essential component to a healthy, lasting erection.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake Bathmate Hydromax products out there. You can offset this potential disaster by making sure you only purchase what you want from a reliable retailer. The official website for Hydromax can be an excellent place to turn to.

In terms of optimizing your experience with this product, it might be a good idea to consider shaving your pubic region. Obviously, this is a comfort kind of thing. Some people just can’t do it. However, you will want to keep in mind that doing so can give the comfort pad a tighter, more effective seal around your body.

Alternative – other water pumps

There are many alternative water pumps that are built using cheaper materials and help in offering lower quality service. You should remember that a pump has to maintain top notch pressure or else it is worthless. One great alternative is the Penomet pump (read a review here).According to the recent testimonials, this replacement is no longer recommended. We have also created a detail point-by-point comparison between two pumps so that you can decide better: Bathmate vs Penomet comparison.

Injury Prevention Guide

We would also like to include a quick list of things that will help in preventing injuries during the pumping sessions. This is applicable for all pumps, but especially applies to the Hydromax X and Xtreme series which are slightly strong as compared to the Hercules and Goliath.
bathmate injury
The pump is designed keeping the safety features in mind and it is almost impossible for someone to hurt themselves, even if they handle it in a silly way. Aggressive pumping is something very normal and it gives you faster results. However, you should ensure that your penis gets adequate time to rest. While undergoing the process, if you ever feel sore after a stretch of aggressive pumping (say for 10 minutes), leave the pump aside for about 5 minutes and then continue. The injuries are quite rare and do not usually happen.

If the penis feels uncomfortably sore long hours after pumping, you must go for a break for one or two days. You may also observe other symptoms like less force required for peeing, lower libido, and comparatively softer erections.

Final Thoughts

Another nice thing about these products is that they don’t discriminate. What this means is that whether your penis is short or long, these products can help you. These products can help straighten your penis. Some of these products have actually become quite popular in the world of adult entertainment. Male performers who want to maximize their efforts safely and effectively know that drugs are just going to cause problems later on. They need fast, safe, and permanent results. To that end, they use some of the pumps that are currently available under the Bathmate Hydromax line. Are these pumps going to give you the same results?

At the end of the day, this is going to depend on a few things. You will want to make sure you do your research on which one of these pumps is right for you. Based on our recommendation, the Hercules or Goliath are going to be your best bets. Once you start to get a routine going, remember that you will need to be a little patient. Sometimes, it takes a little time and effort to not only get the results you want, but to also get in a permanent fashion. Even so, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to see the kind of results.

As time goes on, you can certainly consider moving up to some of the more advanced models. In terms of how long you should wait, before you make your move to one of these products, we think the answer is different for everyone. If you are ultimately feeling pretty good about your experience level, and you’re ready for something more, then it’s time to take things to the next level.

Interesting Findings

I wrote this when I was reviewing phallosan but I think I should post it here too. From the statistic, it seems like the combination of bathmate and phallosan really works GREAT. From what I have seen, people using this combination has a tendency to gain length a lot faster than going with either phallosan or bathmate alone. With the combination of this two penis devices you will get a length gains of 0.009259 inches per day and that is 1 inch in 108 days only.


      • You just mentioned a length gain of 1 inch in 108 days but what about girth if combined with phallosan?

        • Right now the only reference I can use is the bathmate gains table above because there are not so much users that report back about phallosan girth gains. (That Bathmate + Phallosan combination were found by using the data of phallosan users so yeah they mainly target length)

      • When you gained a total of 1.7 inches in length did you use just the Bathmate alone?

  1. I use the size guide in official website but it seems to me they only take your length into consideration?

    • Yeah because in reality your penis size won’t be in extreme size like extremely long but thin or extremely thick but short.
      So they need to average the size of all population and also if you’re thinner than bathmate tube you can still use bathmate, but when you’re too long you can’t use it.

  2. So lets say i use the Phallosan 5 days a week for 8 hours and Bathmate 4-5 days a week for ~15 minutes do you think that will be enough?

    • I would suggest using Phallosan every day for 10-11 hrs. and Bathmate you could use like what you have commented since the data say that is the best.

  3. Hi my penis size length is 13 cm(5.1 inches) and girth is 10 cm(3.9 Inches) . So with the help of bathmate can I able to grow my girth by 2.5 cm( 1 inch). And how much time it will take to do .Thanks in advance

    • Hello Sam,
      I would suggest you increase your penis length first since it will be much harder if you gain 1″ girth and want to gain length later. The number of cells you need to create micro-tear will be a lot after you achieved 4.9″ girth but if you’re satisfied with your current length then from the statistic I would say 1 year to get that 1-inch girth.

  4. My penis is around 7 inches when I am fully arouses and erect. Can I use hydro max in the morning shower and nighttime shower and use a penis weight hanger 2 15 min sessions a day after my bathmate use and then use a penis extender for 10-11 hours. Is this a good routine? I want an 8 inch penis very bad.

    • Yo, man. You got no chill lol.
      I would suggest to use bathmate + phallosan and don’t do the hanging just yet.
      Hanging should be your last resort on penis enlargement as it is very intense and all the exercises after that is useless since your penis is adapted to an intense routine.

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