Top 3 Best Penis Pumps in 2020

Hi, I’m Paul Marshal and I’m glad you found my website. On this page I’m going to talk about penis pumps. If you’re serious about making your penis bigger then here is the right place to come.

As you may know recently I’ve also tested a lot of Male Enhancement pills to boost my girth along with penis pumps. It gives a good boost to your gains so you should consider reading them too. One suggestion for you guys trying to enlarge your penis is you should go for penis length before penis girth. This is because if your penis has bigger girth it means you need more force to stretch your penis. Your length gains after girth will be much more harder. But if you think your penis length is fine then it’s time for more girth by penis pumps.


Top Rated Pens Pumps in 2018

Best Penis Pumps

After a whole year of research and testing I found these are the best pumps on the market.

If you are looking to increase your girth quickly then please continue reading.

Every single pump below will give you excellent results.

OK, from my research there are 2 big brands for penis pumps which I will cover here and another one is a typical cheap air pump. Let’s dive in.

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate (or Bathmate Hydromax) has been around for a very long time and it stands out from most competitors in penis enlargement market.

In my opinion bathmate hydromax is the best water pump. With its new improved version of HydroExtreme series it is now 35% power up from hydromax series.
Before going into details, let me clear this confusing name first.
Below is the old name of bathmate and the new name

Old name -> New name.

Bathmate series -> Hydro series
Hydromax series -> Hydromax series (remain the same)
Hydromax Xtreme -> HydroXtreme series (yeah slightly different name, 35% more powerful than Hydromax series)

I will use only the new names from this point on else it would be so confusing.
As you can guess HydroXtreme series is the most powerful ones and the Hydro series are least powerful.

I will start with Hydro series. The Hydro series come with only 1 size that is Hydro 7. The Hydro 7 is perfect for penises between 5-7 inches long when erect.

The Hydromax series on the other hand come with 4 sizes.

Hydromax 5: Perfect for penises size up to 5 inches when erect.

Hydromax 7: Best for 5-7 inches penises, this series is the world’s best-selling penis pump.

Hydromax 7 Wide Boy: For those who fall between 5-7 inches when erect but girthier users.

Hydromax 9: For those big boy up to 9 inches when erect.

The HydroXtreme series come with 5 different sizes.

HydroXtreme 5: Designed for those up to 5 inches length when erect.

HydroXtreme 7: The most popular model of HydroXtreme. Best for 5-7 inches erect.

HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy: Same with the normal version just designed for those who have girthier penis.

HydroXtreme 9: Best for those measuring between 7 and 9 inches.

HydroXtreme 11: Yeah at this point I don’t know why you want bigger penis.

Bathmate pumps also comes with 60-day money back guarantee with no question asked.

Read my Bathmate Review for more details or visit the official website below. Please be aware not to buy from FAKE ones there are tons of them online.

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Another best penis water pump in the market is Penomet.

It has won a lot of awards over the years including: Best new product in 2013, Best Male Enhancement Device in 2013, Jury Award in 2014.

You don’t have to worry about which size you need for your penis because Penomet only has single size.

It’s a one size fits all solution for you 5 inches to 9 inches long.

So unlike bathmate you don’t have to buy a new one if your penis gets bigger.

If you order Penomet with premium package you will get 5 different strength gaiters and this is how Penomet power up to suit your penis.

Each gaiters has different output pressure so it means you can start with a lighter pressure and increase the intensity as you start to gain size.

Read my Penomet Review for more details or visit the official website below

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Penis Air Pumps

Penis Air Pumps

The last one will be cheap penis air pumps.

You might be wondering what’s the different between air pump and water pump. Let me explain it like this. Usually pressure, no matter the pressure was created by compressible or incompressible fluid (in this case water and air), the pressure should be the same. However, in this particular case, penis enlargement pumps, it is different.

This is because our body needs time to react. It is unlike when we study fluid dynamics. Our body needs time to react and that is the main cause why penis water-based pump is better.

When you use water-based pump, water is incompressible fluid and will suddenly create negative pressure to your penis but air-based pump will gradually create one.

And when the negative pressure gradually create one, your penis skin have more time to react and the negative pressure will draw fluid under penis skin and build up edema.

This is the main reason why water-based penis pumps are better.

However, if you look closely to the picture of penis air pump above, you will see something worth mentioning. Yes, it is a gauge. Water-based penis pumps has no gauge.

Which means you don’t really know how much negative pressure you’re using on your penis.

Many experts prefer knowing how much force you’re on so that’s why I put it here.

These cheap air pump can be found anywhere on internet. Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, etc. just be careful not to buy a low quality one.

Final Thoughts

For me, I still prefer Bathmate because of the reputation and the quality of materials it made up from.

Air pump is cool because you know how much negative pressure you’re using, but if you use Bathmate or Penomet as the manufacturer says no more than 15 minutes per day then the risk of injuring your penis is very low.

What’s more is you can definitely gain a lot with Bathmate and Penomet so taking a risk of buying cheap fake air pump is not really worth it.