SizeGenetics Reviews

SizeGenetics is a reputed name among the devices used for penis extension that are available today. It was introduced in 1995 and has gained the popularity of multiple users since the past two decades. It has also survived the different tests and critical reviews, thus earning the satisfaction of the customers. It has passed the different clinical tests and has been recommended by the reputed doctors too. Over here we will provide you an unbiased review of the product.

First of all, the product should be bought only from its official website. There are many fake resellers offering you lower prices and discounts but it is better not to fall prey to their traps.

Packages: It is available in three different packages- Ultimate System for $398.95 (with $100 automatic discount), Advanced Comfort for $349.95 and Value Edition for $199.95.

UPDATE (June 2016): It seems that the days of using SizeGenetics are long gone and people are using Penimaster Pro instead. This is mainly because of the fact that Size Genetics’ newer version (released in 2016) caused severe pain while gripping the head of the penis as complained by many of the users. In contrast, a vacuum (same as PHALLOSAN) is used in Penimaster Pro, so that it gives you a nice, comfortable grip throughout the day.

Those who are interested in extender accompanied by traditional strapping system can look at the Double Strap System on the Quick Extender Pro.

You can also go through the reviews of the customers that are mentioned below.



My Review (after 11 months of use)

It has been almost a year that we have used the SizeGenetics extender. I took a few breaks (due to some personal reasons), but had been wearing it more or less consistently. Here you can find my review and opinions about the product.

Penis extenders are advantageous over pumps since they provide you some long-term benefits. You can wear a pump only during the shower but can wear an extender for long hours. The drawback is that the fatter will not get bloated right after use as in the case of water pumps. In the case of advanced users, both extender and pump are used. Their combination is superb, but in my case I chose to use SizeGenetics.

Its working process is similar to the process of muscle building. For increasing the size of your bicep, you have to go for weight lifting in order to break down the tissue and eventually restore it to make it comparatively larger. SizeGenetics follows a similar mechanism. The penis is stretched with the help of traction and you will observe the results after sometime.

Ways in which you should use SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Extender has to be worn for 6-8 hours per day, for a period of several months. Also, breaks should be taken in between this time period. In addition to this, I had skipped one or two days each week. The elongation bars have to be adjusted such that the penis can feel the tension without slipping out. A learning curve will help you to achieve the balance and hence you should not get frustrated at the initial stage even if you face difficulties.

The amount of time you spend with the product will determine how fast you will get to see the results. It can be worn at home, beneath your jeans or trousers and even while you sleep. The first step that should be followed is to keep your penis in a semi-erect condition (provided you are not hung) and after that strap the device on (this has been shown in the DVD). It is better not to wear it with tight jeans or underpants. Instead, you will feel comfortable if you wear it with jeans or trousers. It is also recommended that you do not sleep on your stomach.


There are elongations bars with a maximum length of 10 inches. But if you go through the testimonials of users who have used the advanced ones, it will get more uncomfortable and difficult to hide the extender beneath the pants in case your penis measures more than nine inches. In that case you will have to wear longer and looser clothes for concealing the device.

How effective is SizeGenetics?

You will observe permanent gains with respect to length and girth after 8 months. There was a 0.6 inch gain along the length only after using it for a month.

However, the initial results vanished away when I took a long break from wearing the device (due to certain reasons). Once I started using it regularly, getting back the gains was easy.

There was an increase of 1.1 inch after using it for a month.

Now after using the device for a year I have observed my penis to be 1.8 inches longer than its original length (I started out at 5 inches). I gave it a break of 14 days to find out the results and yet found a gain of 1.4 inch to be there.

Please note: The duration for which I used SizeGenetics each day was 6 hours. I was dedicated to the process and got suitable results.

Which one is the best SizeGenetics package?

The Value Edition package is a package that consists of the stretcher (medical type 1 device) and an instructional DVD. The default comfort pad, strap, and elongation bars are comfortable at the initial stage while you will require comfort options along with a stronger stretch at a later stage. But you would obviously expect long-term results from an extender like SizeGenetics. If you have a lower budget, the Value Edition pack will be a great option to start with since you will have to purchase the extra parts later. Those who have the equivalent money with them right now are suggested to get the Advanced Comfort or Ultimate System which will prove to be a more economic option later. It will be accompanied by the following advantages:

  • 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System: Here a multi-head piece constitutes of parts and head beds which will reduce the friction and lock in the penis-head, thus making you feel more comfortable. It is a very ergonomic option for long-term use.


  • Traction Plus Powder and Aftercare Moisturizer (Included only with Ultimate System): The powder will provide traction in between the stretcher and the penis and will be able to exert more pressure and provide you more comfort at the same time. The tissue generation process will be accelerated by the moisturizer.

Ultimate System Extras

The Ultimate System is also accompanied with SizeGenetics Exercise DVDs and 3M comfort plasters. They are optional but may provide great values. The Advanced Comfort package is a great product with all its components.

Discreet Shipping and Delivery

The generic box of SizeGenetics will offer you free shipping and even discreet delivery inside a generic box. You cannot, however, expect some label or picture to describe the different components present inside. There is an office of SizeGenetics in North America and you will get the product very fast if you are a resident of North America. Otherwise it may take a bit of time for the package to be delivered.

Which is the best place to buy the SizeGenetics?

You should always order SizeGenetics from its Official Website. Its components are all manufactured in USA and are of supreme quality. As for the other resellers, the customers had complained about receiving cheap plastic components made-in-China that had problems in getting attached together. You will find a number of them on eBay. However, buying them will cost you an additional $30 and you will have to wait for 30 days for it to be shipped. You will also have a tough time getting all the components together to prevent the parts from getting separated. Also, do not go mad by seeing the images on eBay since the device looks quite different in reality.

SizeGenetics is available for free

There is a new offer from SizeGenetics (this has been running for quite some time and will hopefully continue to exist) where you need to send the images of your penis before and after using it, in order to get a full cash-back without returning the product. A lot of customers have availed the deal successfully. All what you need to do is use the device for six months and click photos of the different positions such as erect, semi-erect, and flaccid through the time period.

It is nothing but a marketing strategy by SizeGenetics for increasing its popularity.



The PHALLOSAN forte extender is a great alternative to SizeGenetics. It is mainly applicable for people of penis size of less than five inches and who are not well hung. The main reason is the stronger condom-like grip. You can find the review of Phallosan forte over here.

SizeGenetics has many look-alike extenders. ProExtender (as described in our old review) is a popular option to choose from, but it is never recommended. The price is a bit lower (by $50) but it is accompanied by a number of accessories comes with a good build quality. You can also look for other alternatives like X4 Labs, Quick Extender Pro, Vimax Extender, and Jes Extender. They are the older ones which have not been updated since long. SizeGenetics, in contrast, is an updated device and has even launched a special version on request of the customers.