Proextender Reviews 2020

Today ProExtender has been modified to serve the purpose of the general public and is being sold without any prescription. The doctors from Spain highly recommend this extender and so do the physicians from the rest of the world. However, ProExtender System has lost its utility, the point is that a better option is available today– the PeniMaster PRO Extender (you can visit their website for details). This has gained equal popularity among the customers and the reviewers. It is a bit too expensive as compared to the previous one ($50 more) but their newer version (released in early 2016) comes with higher-quality parts and has more ergonomic adjustments too. 


The FDA has deemed ProExtender to the status of a “medical device” and it can thus be sold by the medical establishments who are licensed.

ProExtender System should only be bought from the Official Website and not from any fake website.

Packages: The different packages in which it comes are the Original ProExtender (299.95), Deluxe ProExtender (399.95) and _____ System (Pills and additional DVD guide) +$30.00.

You should be aware of the scamming websites offering you the product. It comes with 50% discount in the link above, even without coupons.


Professional Review

We used the Original ProExtender System worth $329.95 before writing this review. The Deluxe edition features a metallic box along with a lock which depends on one’s personal needs. The included pills are to be reviewed later on.

It has been tasted on many subjects for the past 8 months on a daily basis so we can comment on both short term and long term growth.

How does the product work?

Normally the penis extenders are more advantageous than the water pumps since they can be used for a longer duration (outside bath) and can provide permanent results. The working mechanism of ProExtender is similar to the process of muscle growth. For gaining larger muscles, one needs to lift weights and thus break down the muscle tissues and wait as long as they are restored such that they can get larger. Similarly, ProExtender helps the penis to extend with the help of friction and you’ll observe the results after several weeks.

How to use ProExtender?

First of all, you need to put the straps and extension bars together (it is quite simple). After this go for a slight erection (provided you are not hung). Now the ProExtender device should be strapped on (follow the instructions that are included).

The ProExtender should be worn for a minimum of 2 hours each day and this should be done for a few months. The results that you will observe will depend on the duration for which you use it (bigger the penis, more permanent the gains are). It can be worn beneath your jeans or trousers (loose pants or large boxers are preferred) while you are in the house and even during sleep. It is better not to wear it under skinny jeans and small underwear since they will cause problems sitting down. Also, you need to sleep on your back after wearing it.

The Comfort of Noose Strap


Yes you might be concerned about the noose strap that is included for a long time period. On wearing it I found it to be highly ergonomic under regular strap tension. I used it for an average of 4 hours a day and it never got sores. It rather felt great.

The noose should not be tightened much so that the blood flow to the penis is not restricted. If the same happens, the device should be taken off and the penis head should be massaged for some time. It should then be put back.

If you feel uncomfortable, the premium cushion padding can be used. It has the same grip along with extra comfort. It should be used for several days while the body adjusts itself to the traction. Using the full padding all the time is fine. The padding should be alternated one day per week.

In case of severe discomfort and sore it can be sent back (within 180 days) and your money will be refunded.

Before and After: The Results

After using it for 8 months, the volunteers reported about their gains. Even I observed 0.5 inches gain after using it for a month. And after 8 months of usage (for five hours each day), the net increase was 1.6 inches along the length along with proportionate increase along the girth.

This comes up to 2 inches per year, which I am sure to reach. You are likely to receive permanent results with prolonged use. I even took a break of two weeks but no decrease in the size was observed. I hope the results continue longer.

The results are in fact dependent on the duration for which you use it daily. Irregular use and absence of dedication will not give you the desired results.


What does the package include?

The box contains the following:

  • ProExtender along with base and adjustable bars
  • Add-on bars (both long and short)
  • Cushion Padding
  • Silicone noose
  • Instructional DVD
  • An instructions manual

The shipment takes place inside a plain discreet box without a mention of the type of the product. Credit card statements are also discreet. For those who seek more privacy, an option of Deluxe package is there which features a metal box and a lock.

Ordering ProExtender System from its Official Website


The best place to buy it is the official site of PeniMaster. The PRO version is preferable. You can read the complete review of PeniMaster PRO here.

You may also look into the review of SizeGenetics extender. It is a bit expensive but is featured by a number of nooses and head straps. The function of the extenders is similar and yields you the desired results. Your personal preference and comfort will determine which one you ultimately choose.


Medical benefits

ProExtender was initially designed for fixing abnormal shapes of penis (Peyronie’s disease) instead of surgery. After this it became popular as a device for penis extension. European doctors often prescribe the System (in addition to the pills) to the patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease and even erectile dysfunction.