Phallosan Forte Reviews 2020

Phallosan forte is a penis enlargement device using the traction force to pull your penis in one way. This prolong applied force to your penis through out the day will create micro tear in penis chamber. When these micro tear healed, the penis gets bigger. That is the main principal behind this device.

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Anyway, I have moved to this new website since the old one doesn’t really appropriate for reviewing all the penis enlargement products because of its name. So here I will cover everything about it again.


What is Phallosan forte

PHALLOSAN® forte is one kind of a penis extender, invented in Germany since 2001. This is the only FDA approved in the whole market of penis extender and sold in pharmacies in Germany, Switzerlan, Austria. So this product is for sure not a scam. But be careful of fake resellers or the fake discounted components. You need to buy it from official site to make sure you won’t be scammed. Only 1 package is available for phallosan which costs $339 (plus $25 for shipping). And just to let you know, there are no coupons, you don’t need to search. However, for a limited time you can get 4 condom sleeves for free.

The principle behind phallosan

The principle is very simple and safe. If the tissue is constantly stretched, our body get stimulated and will adapt to reproduce cells. The example of this can be seen and proof by looking at the lip, neck, earlobes of African people which were forced to stretch through time. The process is hardly noticeable but it is also very effective and natural.

How phallosan forte works

PHALLOSAN® forte exerts an adaptable tension on your penis. The penis head will be enclosed in a protective cap with a special airtight sleeve just like condom. Then the penis is secured with stretch belt around your waist to exerts a continuous pulling force. With enough time (there are statistic table below so you can clearly see how many hours you need to get bigger) your penis will adapt and reproduce smooth muscle to fill penis shaft hence making it longer and bigger.

My professional review

I have been using it for more than a year or two now. I bought it from the official website. In this review I will cover everything from delivery, unpacking, using, and result gains (actually the result started since 3rd month)
Swiss Sana, the maker company has been around in penis enlargement for more than 14 years and has amazing customer service. You can reach them easily via phone or email. They answer all the questions really fast.

How to wear Phallosan forte

The steps of how to use:

1. You will need to start by measuring your penis shaft (at the middle of the penis shaft) with the given template.

how to use phallosan 1

2. Then after that you select your condom sleeve size and the bell cap from your penis size you have just measured

how to use phallosan 2

3. Use a little baby powder on outer sleeve condom. This baby powder will create a thin coating to prevent your sleeve condom from being torn apart by your fingernails.

4. Slowly roll the sleeve condom on the bell (always be aware of your fingernails).

how to use phallosan 3

5. Now we will put the protector cap on our penis head. Use both of your thumb and pull it like the picture shown below. Then insert penis head into this protector cap. It should fit firmly.

how to use phallosan 4

6. Then roll the sleeve condom that you did on No.4 over your protective cap.

how to use phallosan 5

7. After that use the suction bell to create vacuum. Use only small force if you’re just starting penis enlargement all day stretch. Your body will need sometimes to adapt.

8. Attach suction bell with the belt and wrap it around your waist.

9. Now you’re ready to gain. You can wear phallosan forte anywhere and anytime, which is the best part of this device. Just imagine yourself going out to work and do penis enlargement secretly at the same time! No other penis device could do this. And if you’re comfortable with, you can wear it while you’re sleeping. Getting your penis bigger couldn’t be more easier and consistent.

Why choose phallosan forte

Usually, penis extenders are badly designed, break really quick and most of the times don’t even put force to your penis properly because the strap is uncomfortable and hard to use. Phallosan forte is the most comfortable extender in the market, anyone who use it can confirm this.

Phallosan extender can also be worn through the night if you want even though I don’t really recommend to do that but with it’s level of comfortable, you absolutely can. This is also the only extender that is convenient for everyday use.

When wearing, you will want to keep your penis moderately stretched. A resistance will slowly breaks your penile tissue. This is the same principal with manual stretching or jelqing. However, it will be more continuous and the force applied to pull your penis is constant. After sometime your penile tissue will regrow, multiplying in amount which will fill all gaps that were broken before hence making your penis bigger, LONGER and stronger (by stronger means better erection.)

This process is similar to weight lifting. You train your muscle to work against the weight and let it heals to grow bigger.

How comfortable is it?

You might think comfortable is not critical to your penis gains. You are wrong. Comfort is very critical since the amount of time you wear any penile extension device has a direct effect on your gains. So a more comfortable extender will provide you better gains. With this condition phallosan forte wins here.

Moreover, if you have used any regular extender before, you will know a tedious routine involved in putting it on and off. With phallosan the vacuum bell is easy and quick to put on your penis.

The sleeve condoms provided by Swissana are very soft and comfortable even though it is quite thin. Over a year of use I did torn 1 of them when I first started using phallosan and don’t know what I’m doing. You can buy a replacement condoms at the cost of $26.90 which is not so expensive compare to a level of comfortable you will get, or you can get 4 sleeve condoms for FREE from them, so you don’t have to worry much since you get 1 more than usual.

How powerful is the tension on PHALLOSAN?

It can apply more force to your penile than most extender and the adjustment are made very easy. If you need more pressure you can adjust the strap by pulling slightly on the side. The condom are strong enough to grip your penile and not fall off.

If you have ever use extenders like SizeGenetics, JesExtender you will know that you need to twist the tension screws, plastic noose, etc. They are really tedious processes and need a private place to get things done.

phallosan tension

Results, Does Phallosan forte works?

So there was a clinical test of phallosan forte and surprisingly, it worked for everyone who joined the program.
Everyone gained from using it. And millions of devices have been sold worldwide for sometimes now, which means there are people out there getting bigger day by day. If you don’t want to waster your time you should invest in something that definitely works. The price maybe a bit high but it’s better than buying cheap extenders that aren’t even work.

I really regret when I was looking back to the day before I bought this penile extender. I’m very frustrate and not sure if I should buy it or not, but when I did, I just feel like if I had bought this 2-3 months earlier I could have gained faster. It’s the same amount of time to gain around 1 inch from using this extender.

In their website you can find the data of volunteers doing experiment in PDF file.

In summary here are the results:

Phallosan forte length gains result

Length gains 3 months 6 months
Minimum 0 cm 0.5 cm (0.19″)
Average 1.05 cm (0.41″) 1.78 cm (0.70″)
Maximum 3.8 cm (1.49″) 4.8 cm (1.89″)

Phallosan forte girth gains result

Girth gains 3 months 6 months
Minimum 0 cm 0 cm
Average 0.64 cm (0.25″) 0.8 cm (0.31″)
Maximum 2.5 cm (0.98″) 2.5 cm (0.98″)

Anyway, that’s what the manufacturer told you. I personally don’t believe things easily so I went around the internet to collect tons of results from users around the world. And this is what I found. (Actually there is more than this, I just present you some part of it.)

phallosan results

Starting length: Initial penis length before using.
Gain Length(inches): How much that user has gained in penis length (at the time of reporting.)
Gain Girth(inches): How much that user has gained in penis girth (at the time of reporting.)
Wearing hours: Total wearing hours since the beginning until the time they reported.
Additional PE: PE means Penis Enlargement, Jelqs, is one of a very famous manual penis enlargement. Bathmate is penis pumping device, I have review bathmate here.
Gain/hr: This user length gained divided by wearing hours to see how much that user gained per hour.
%Length increase: Is the length gained divided by the user starting length. (To see how much user gained in %)

From the above data set we can sum the total gains in inches divided by total amount of wearing time and get 0.000519 inches/hour

Which means if you wear it 10 hrs/day you will gain 0.000519*10 = 0.00519 inches.

So if you want 1 inch from phallosan forte you will need to wear it 192.65 days or around 6.42 months

Yes, that’s the average from everyone I have collected data from, so you can use this number for reference too.

The data table is difficult to read ? Here you go.

This one is results length gains from phallosan forte

phallosan forte length gains

And this is results girth gains from phallosan forte

phallosan forte girth gains

The blue bar is the gain in inches. Look for the value at the left axis.

The red line is the wearing time in hours. Look for the value at the right axis.

For example user number 4 gained around 0.5 inches in length with total 1000 hours wearing time.

And user number 4 gained around 0.25 inches in girth with total 1000 hours wearing time.

(The data is from the same source, you can look for No.4 in the first table)

Anyway please note that a lot of user did’t report the girth gained because most of them are targeting for length.

Phallosan vs regular extenders

If you compare it with regular extenders, you will find that it doesn’t really have mechanical components that lock your penis under the glan. All parts of it are really soft and much more comfortable in any possible way. The pressure applied is also considered to be one of the best. This is because the distribution of negative pressure along your penile is applied through out your penis. This vacuum will most likely last around 3-4 hours which you will at some point go to talk a leak anyway. With this time frame of wearing it beats one of the most traditional penis extender style like SizeGenetics, read our review here.

As for SizeGenetics it is more suitable for a well hung penis. This is due to their design, a well hung or bigger penis will easily strap into SizeGenetics strap at the penis head. It has no belt but the principal is the same. Everyone have a personal option.

Where to buy

This is very important. Make sure you buy only from official website. They are tons of scammers with fake discount coupons code. Those will offer a lesser price but will give you fake product, or even worse abuse your credit card.

Interesting findings about phallosan + pumping

After sometimes I just realized there are some golden knowledge hidden in my data above. One is there are diminishing returns in phallosan usage. Meaning that gains per day will grow as a function of wearing time a day. However, if the wearing time reached 11.25 hours, after this the gain will decline. So this is somewhat the point your body needs to cool down, recover and rebuild smooth muscle. Take a good look at the table and you will find few people who did wear it for 20 hrs/day and they gained a lot less.

If your goal is to gain as fast as possible then wear it for 11.25 hours/day and you will gain around 0.003812 inches/day which you will need around 262 days to gain 1 inch.
I dig more and found out that the last 2 hours for wearing doesn’t mean much. If you use it 10 hrs/day you will need 272 days to gain one inch (that’s only 10 more days). However, if we move that number to 9 hrs/day it will start to make big difference (295 days for 1 inch) and 8 hrs/day you will need to wear phallosan forte for 341 days. From this I would say 10 hours a day is a reasonable optimum point.

Moreover, in this same table combine other devices together with phallosan, you will find using those hyped pumping products like Bathmate, Penomet, etc. turn out to be extremely helpful. Give your penis a pumping routine with phallosan daily increase a length gain of 0.00547 inches! So, if you use it for 11.25 hours per day and after that you use a pump (I still have yet to find out how many hours should you pump after phallosan session) you will gain a gigantic amount of 0.009259 inches per day and that is 1 inch in 108 days only – awesome isn’t it?

I want to know more so I dig into more data of jelqing, clamping, manual stretching, etc. Unfortunately these techniques don’t help much (if not at all) for your gain. I personally believe those technique added too much stress to your ligaments than your penis can handle. Hence, for your information, if you use phallosan, jelqing doesn’t help much. You can stick with only using the device and add pumping to your routine to gain as fast as possible (from statistic data.)