Penimaster Reviews 2020

PeniMaster PRO (PMP), the penis enlargement device was introduced by the German company MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG.

The company has mainly two product lines, which are the Penimaster and the Penimaster PRO. The difference between the two products lies in how the device can be attached to the glans of penis:

  • PeniMaster – It is somewhat similar to SizeGenetics (one can go through the SizeGenetics review), but is designed with a little better quality material. It can be attached to the Penis by means of a strap. You may find this a little uncomfortable with time as there needs to be a strong pressure for keeping the penis glans in the proper place.



  • PeniMaster PRO – This one is similar to the PHALLOSAN forte (you can go through the Phallosan review), but can also be used in other ways. The PRO version can be attached to the penis by means of a vacuum head piece. As a result, you will have an infinite number of ways to for doing your PE exercises. A number of items can be used for the purpose such as a belt, an extender rod, or weights. It is the flagship extender of PeniMaster and the remaining part of the review will focus on it.


You can buy the PeniMaster PRO Complete Set (€289 Euro) from the Official Website of MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG. Beware of the cheaper duplicates of eBay, the fake resellers or the coupon links.


Package Pricing

MSP is sold internationally and needs you to adjust the price to the local currency and also the shipping costs (an extra charge of €10 Euro approximately):

  • PeniMaster (Traditional or Classic) – It comes for €139 Euro
  • PeniMasterPRO Basic – It comes for €159 Euro
  • PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander System – It comes for €249 Euro
  • PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander System – It comes for €229 Euro
  • Complete Package – It comes for €289 Euro

You can find the picture of the Complete Package below:

Our expert has left a professional review at the bottom after gathering the results and gains of the usage by multiple number of people. Before that, let us have a look at what the others have to say regarding the unique extender.

Different Packages

Penis Enlargement users have an option to choose from the rod extenders and the belt tension system; however, the complete package uses both of these technologies.

The classic PeniMaster has some flexible fastening slots for an easy usage. The product design is mainly focused on comfort and safe usage. Besides, there are also the advantages of straightening, elongation and thickening of the penis. Naturally, the user can enjoy more sexual stamina and potency.

The device is suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised users and you can use it under your pants. For better results, the rods can be used along with PeniMaster PRO.

Another thing to look for in PeniMaster is the great base ring support which is of the universal shape. The support allows you to wear the device rods in whatever direction you want to- diagonal, upward and downward. It also gives you an adequate support if you wear it under your clothes. The penis fixation property helps in adding extra support and comfort and at the same time allows the device to be attached to the belt. The length adjustment of the device can be accurately extended by a few millimeters and that too without any limitations.


  • PeniMasterPRO Basic – It is mainly a replacement parts package and cannot be used alone. PeniMasterPRO is basically a penis elongation device that can be accompanied with rods or belts for working as penis expander. You can wear the device comfortably without any application of gliding (though the user can use only the gliding oil as required) since it gives lymph and foreskin protection. It can be easily attached to the glans thanks to the excellent design without any deformation or squeezing. PeniMasterPRO Basic is the best product to be used by people who are in the look for replacement parts.
  • PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander – This is another device which you can wear with PeniMasterPRO to get more comfort with penis elongation. The product is highly flexible and is adjustable according to the length of the penis. PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander is made using high-quality glass fiber and is thus highly stable. This device can even be used without accessories and can thus be worn beneath your clothes.
  • PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander – Similar to the Rod Expander, PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander helps by improving the length of the penis. It is worn around the hip using a belt, across the torso to the shoulders, or to the knee. PeniMaster PRO can be worn in many ways without bruising the penis tissues. You should wear it with the Belt Expander in order to generate a great pulling force. The device is highly flexible, suitable for any body type and can be used overnight.
  • PeniMasterPRO Complete Package – The complete package of PeniMaster PRO includes the PeniMaster PRO (head part), belt strap, and also the rod extender. This is what we used for our review (look at the photos). You can use two different application systems with the glans chamber. This pump can be carried along with you, no matter where you go. Most of the complete package pumps available these days cut off the blood circulation but PeniMaster PRO is entirely different.

This package is ideal for the first time users and for those who have tried the noose system, since it has two options for usage – the belt strap and the rod extender. Besides, it will allow you to use the vacuum system which is preferable as compared to the noose due to the comfort level of long-term usage.

How it works

A penis extender normally works by pulling the penis. On doing this for a considerably long time, your penis will automatically be compelled to produce new cells to fill the spaces that have been formed as a result of the elongation, and ultimately result in a thicker and longer penis.

This mechanism of cell regeneration by means of pulling is adopted for elongating other parts of the body such as the neck, earlobes, and lips). It is even possible to increase one’s height in the same way! The gains are usually observed after using the product for one week. The change will be temporary at the beginning and can become permanent as a result of consistent stretching.

Instructions for use

Instructions Manual along with DVD

You will find a manual guide along with a DVD along with the instructions, so there is no need to explain the steps in detail over here.

Basically, you need to attach the head part to the penis with the help of an external pump. Along with the head part on the penis the various attachments included in the package can be used.

Have a look at the pictures to understand it better.

Comparing the product with other brands

PeniMaster PRO is a unique penis extender. It helps you to achieve great flexibility. The concept used is not very different from the others, though.

Comparing PeniMaster with SizeGenetics

PeniMaster and SizeGenetics fit well and provide great support. The users of both the brands have been highly satisfied with the results. There is a vacuum grip at the head of the penis in case of PeniMasterPRO but SizeGenetics uses just a strap. An additional comfort is given by the soft vacuum grip. PenisMaster has few disadvantages too (for instance the difficulty involved in putting the device on is more), but its overall performance makes it more popular among the users.

Comparing PeniMaster with PHALLOSAN forte

Both the PeniMaster PRO belt option and PHALLOSAN forte are designed using the same concept. The penis head here is attached to a vacuum chamber and is pulled using a belt. However, PeniMaster gives you a better package along with various wearing capabilities (for instance the rod expander). For many others, PeniMaster PRO is more preferable than Phallosan since the other one comes with a weaker vacuuming system which cannot provide the same results as Penimaster Pro.

The working mechanisms of almost all penis extenders are same. But most of the brands use a strap or noose unlike the PeniMasterPRO which is designed using a vacuum fixation. This method is more convenient since it does not cause any friction which may lead to bruising. It also remains attached to the penis head for a long duration. Thus from the reviews, PeniMasterPRO is among the most comfortable extenders of the day.

Its first design uses a noose, but for the last few years, it has been under renovation. Today, PeniMasterPRO is the only existing brand using the vacuum system.

Results Before and After Usage

It has been admitted by many users that no one goes back to low-quality straps after he has used PeniMasterPRO. The regular users are expected to have at a minimum of 1.1 inches (approximately) rise in their erect length after using it for 500 hours. Same goes for the potential flaccid length.

The increase in erect length, however, slows down as the user continues to wear it. But, the rise in flaccid length is believed to remain consistent depending on the person under consideration. So, one could experience 1.5 inches increase in the length after using it for 1000 hours. Wearing it for such a long duration is not that difficult considering the amount of comfort that you can enjoy. You can also experience a gain of one inch after using the product for a month.


Which Package Should You Ideally Select

For getting the best results, one should go for a complete package since it allows for a better saving and at the same time allows you to choose from a number of options for wearing the extender beneath your clothes. As evident from what written above, the complete package is basically a set of PeniMasterPRO which includes a rod expander and a belt expander system.

The belt tension system is particularly helpful for those who love to travel. This is mainly because of its small size and easy portability, which helps you to remain active as you wear it. For gaining in a quicker way, you can choose the rod expanders which provide you with more tension and control.

You are suggested to get extra packets of sluice latex and diaphragms since they will have to be replaced after each 2 weeks in case you intend to use the product for a longer duration.

Optional Hose

There is an external hose that will allow you to gain more control over the pressure can be added by spending less than 10 Euros (additionally).

Where to Buy

PeniMaster PRO can be bought from the Official Website of MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG.

Discounts and Coupons (Vouchers)

Penimaster does not give you any coupons or vouchers. They believe in fair price and this is something they have practiced for years. You should be careful not to believe in the fraudulent websites which feature “Show Coupon” button popups and compel you to buy from fake resellers. You should buy it only from the official website.


The shipping charge is about €9.95 Euro. The product is mainly packed in Germany and then shipped via DHL Germany. It takes about two weeks for the purpose.

These days, the shipping takes place very fast. Delivery to the European countries will take about 5 days, and that for the USA and Canada will just take 5-8 days.

The company is also concerned about the privacy of the buyers and thus packs the products in plain white envelopes and boxes with nothing related to PeniMaster and penis enlargement written over them.

Spare Parts

You might also be in need of spare replacement parts and Penimaster offers it to you at highly affordable prices. For instance, buying latex parts with PM PRO will cost you only about 0.70 Euro.


Many people believe that pills bought from the store can help them to increase the length of the penis. But, it should be understood that the pills can merely help them to increase the sexual stamina, not their penis size. Stretching the penis to increase its size is easy, however nothing is as easy and hassle-free like penis extender. While selecting the right penis extender, remember to invest in one which can be worn for a long duration and does not hurt your skin much. This will help you to reach your goals within a short time.

If you are serious about growing your penis and increasing your sexual stamina, you should invest in PeniMaster Pro.

It should be remembered that the extenders mainly focus on the length of the penis. For a considerable gain along the girth, Bathmate can be used.