Real Max Performer Review & Results 2020

Max Performer is gaining traction as one of the premier male enhancement pills that utilizes natural components due to its multifaceted approach to delivering improved results in the bedroom, as well as spiking confidence. While its initial goal is certainly to produce higher cravings for sex and harder and bigger erections, it also focuses on generating positive levels of stamina that can prolong orgasms for you and your partner. The amount of semen created in the body is something most competitors in this space overlook, but Max Performer places a spotlight on this process so climaxes are more visceral and intense. They also make a concerted effort to completely bypass unhealthy additives that induce harmful side effects.


How Does Max Performer Work?

Max Performer

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The methods at which Max Performer are successful in the human body are actually not as complicated as one may think, as in actuality the science behind the manufacturing of the pills incorporates several ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine. Not only are herbs and spices crucial to anti-aging properties, they also make the senses feel more ‘alive’ as well. This is done through a myriad of ways, including sparking an intense amount of blood flow to the genitals. This is hugely important to creating erections quickly, and sustaining them for long periods of time. The girth of the penis also benefits greatly from this process because the tissue of the libido is relaxed, allowing the the maximum amount of blood to be held. Moreover, sexual desires increase with the ingestion of Max Performer because it nudges the release of dopamine in the brain, which regulates the pleasure we feel during intimate situations. Because this effect makes people feel happy and content, it causes them to want to engage with their partner. For this reason Max Performer is also a solid addition to facilitating better foreplay.


Max Performer Benefits

To best understand how the ingredients in Max Performer work their magic, it is prudent to delve into what is happening with your senses when aroused. Touch, obviously, is the most integral component to feelings of desire, and this is accomplished through nerve stimulation. Horny goats weed is prominent in the male enhancement pills, and this streamlines circulation and boosts overall vitality. Additionally, when taking the supplement regularly as recommended by the directions, the heightened level of this ingredient in your blood bolsters testosterone levels dramatically. Maca is also an attribute to Max Performer that is worth its weight in gold. An aphrodisiac in nature, it is a potent mixture that satisfies cravings and skyrockets sperm count. The reason this is so coveted is that it directly relates to how much semen is ejaculated during sex. The more semen, and the easier it is produced, the longer the orgasm for the user. Red Korean ginseng makes individuals that digest it alert and absent of stress. This is why it is frequently found in teas to calm people down. The ingredient cordyceps also helps with the amount of sperm stored, but it is even more valuable in the other areas it aids. It is critical to the amount of oxygen in your blood, which is virtually a communicator in your cells to send more blood to the libido. Mixed with selenium, the penis is less likely to experience erectile dysfunction, as it is ready for blood to get harder. Since it is an antioxidant, it also minimizes cell damage from any sexual deficiency you may have. In essence, the ingredients work in conjunction to make you primed for intimacy, granting the ability to achieve your sexual peak.


Zinc is very important to your testosterone production. Low testosterone levels can cause havoc with your libido and your erections.

Max performer added Zinc to help protecting you from zinc deficiency.

Horny Goats Weed

Horny goat weed is reported to benefit men who have ED. It can also used to treat high blood pressure, low libido in men and women. By inhibiting the activity of PDE5 that’s blocking dilation of arteries in penis, it allows blood to fill the arteries which create an erection.


Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is important for many bodily processes, including cognitive function, a healthy immune system, and fertility in both men and women.


An old Chinese herb for thousands of years. A lot of studies have proven the powerful ability of this type of fungus to increase sex drive and sexual function.


Bioperine is a trademake name of Piperine. It has many benefits to your body such as improve your metabolism, raised dopamine and serotonin (which can make your sexual activity to last longer).

Red Korean Ginseng

Korean red ginseng is a plant from Asia. It is linked to improve erectile dysfunction and help prevent colds, lessen severity of heart disease.


Maca is used to enhance energy, stamina, athletic performance, and memory. It is also can help treating erectile dysfunction, boost your immune system as well as arouse sexual desire.

What Is The Order Process And Payment + Shipping For Max Performer?

When purchased on the internet, the cart process for Max Performer is straightforward and easy to understand to eliminate order errors. Each transaction is processed securely, and customer information is never compromised or given to solicitors. With only 3 checkout options (Paypal, Paypal express, Credit/Debit Card) on their main website, it is an effortless experience to get your hands on the supplement. The packaging in which the pills are sent is purposely plain to not allow suspicion as to the contents inside. Every order is handled discreetly, with the utmost respect kept in mind.

My Results After Using Max Performer For One Month

Max Performer Results

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Having been disappointed with male enhancement solutions in the past, I specifically searched for an option that went beyond just harder erections. While I still wanted my libido to sustain longer sessions of sex, I was more interested in the amount of semen I ejaculated. Not only was the idea of this more attractive to me, it was something that also intensified the pleasure with my wife. One of the first promising signs from Max Performer is that it does not take a full 3 to 6 months to take effect. Even on the conservative end, most enhancement options claim they need a month to create positive results. Taking a set regiment of Max Performer, it only took me 8 days to notice a jump in stamina. Though initially I didn’t care as much about the strength of my erections, the girth of my penis widened, which was a pleasant surprise. Perhaps what had me most over the moon about its use was my cravings. The aphrodisiacs in Max Performer not only put me in a relaxed state, my mood and desire to have intercourse changed seemingly overnight. The more I stuck to the recommended dosage of the pills for the first month, the more aware I was of my senses during foreplay. The amount of energy they continue to provide my body makes me want to go again after my wife and I both climax, even when I ejaculate a massive amount. This success has made me reorder with confidence numerous times to maintain this sexual awakening.


When an individual begins to take Max Performer, it is not something that will turn their routine and lifestyle upside down, in a good way. The pills are easy to stick with and are not difficult to swallow in the slightest. If you have ever taken vitamins with some regularity, it should be a seamless transition to incorporate the supplement into your day to day schedule. Max Performer has numerous clinical tests and trials potential customers can research if the provided testimonials do not put them at ease enough. Even still, the ingredients are so natural, a doctor’s prescription is not even necessary. It is a safe option for most men, assuming they do not have a preexisting medical ailment. Max Performer also digests quickly, which is advantageous when you are looking to get in the mood with your partner quickly.


Even though any body type or age group can use Max Performer successfully, it is a supplement that puts you in the position to achieve better erections and more stamina, but not a be all end all solution. This is to say that mixing a healthy diet with the daily routine of swallowing the pills is not only advisable, but will allow users to get the most out of their experience. Similar to how vitamins will not cure you overnight, Max Performer needs to be taken consistently to be worthwhile. For people that have a hard time getting motivated to take a daily pill, it may not eliminate their sexual concerns. It should also never be taken with prescription medications to avoid any potential complications, even if minor.

Where Can You Buy Max Performer And How Much Does It Cost?

Max Performer official

Consumers must be aware that Max Performer is not as readily available as other options in men’s health. This does not necessarily mean it isn’t valuable, but it does not have the luxury of being in many retail locations. The best place to acquire it is from their main website, Because there is free shipping worldwide, it is not a product that necessitates additional costs. A one month supply of the pills is generally $70, and a three month supply is typically $138. Finally, the last package that has 360 tablets and can last up to 6 months is $200. The price tags that come along with the various shipment sizes of Max Performer occasionally fluctuate, as they provide coupon codes various times of the year. There is 128 bit security on all orders using Paypal, which is their primary billing tool. Max Performer can be obtained from a select few health and fitness outlets, but it is wise to do your due diligence from where you purchase them, and make sure the company is trusted.

Final Thoughts

With a whopping 100 day money back guarantee, Max Performer allows consumers to purchase with confidence and try the supplement out for an extended period of time. Should they experience any dissatisfaction, the company fully reimburses the purchase. While it is a solid choice to increase the girth and strength of a man’s libido, it is its efforts to promote higher sperm counts and a larger volume of semen that makes it a force in the bedroom to heighten pleasure for your partner.

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