Extenze Review 2020 – Does it has side effect?

With over 2 billion tablets distributed, Extenze is the current world-wide leader of male enhancement solutions sold. It is doctor approved and comes in numerous types such as a soft gel cap or hard tablet. The goal of Extenze is three-fold: to induce more frequent erections that are harder, maximize the intensity of orgasms, and build up an unrivaled measure of endurance to make sexual encounters last much longer. Extenze has tremendous word of mouth, and is routinely mentioned in commercials and men’s health publications. One component about this solution that differs from competitors is that it is a brand that not only boosts interest in sex, but actively increases the girth of your manhood.


How Does Extenze Work?

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Extenze does not necessitate a prescription from a physician because it relies on amino acids and natural ingredients to spark a jump in sexual activity and arousal. The key in accomplishing this is through the rush of blood flow to the libido. This is done through the relaxing of muscles in the body as well as a concentration on funneling the blood to the penis safely. The herbal nutrients stimulate the senses, which is why it is so successful at raising awareness to intimacy and spiking sensitivity in the genitals. Extenze’s efforts to improve the amount of pleasure in the bedroom actively rely on bringing more energy and vitality into the fold. Because the formula is not synthetic, it is able to use plant roots and extracts to its advantage to cause the human body to function at a much faster and prolonged rate. In turn, endurance is at its peak as well as cravings for intercourse are heightened.


Extenze Benefits

To make sexual interactions harmonious, Extenze uses potent and effective nutrients that have a long history of positive effects in Chinese medicine. Since the ingredients are all natural, there are no side effects, and the vitamins utilized in each tablet have been tested in a controlled environment by health professionals. Extenze incorporates aphrodisiacs like ginger and l-arginine to awaken the senses. Licorice extract and velvet deer antler work in unison to get blood rushing and distribute energy. Erection stimulation relies on the addition of tribulus terrestris, whose origins are also from Asia. Moreover, pregnanolone and micronized DHEA combine to become a prohormone blend that aids in sexual response and the release of endorphins in the brain to have more visceral orgasms.

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe is an herbal supplement used to improve sexual performance. It has a wide variety of uses such as treating erectile dysfunction and weight loss.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus has long been used in Chinese medicine to increase libido. It is also raise your testosterone and estrogen.

Ho Shou Wu Extract

He Shou Wu is an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory herb, can boost immunity, protect and strengthen liver, helps lower cholesterol, supports cognition, memory and focus.

Korean Ginseng Extract

Korean red ginseng is a plant from Asia. It is linked to improve erectile dysfunction and help prevent colds, lessen severity of heart disease.

Black Pepper Seed

Also called as “King of Spices”. Black pepper has a lot of benefits such as: improves digestive health, prevents cancer, lower blood pressure, fights infections, has antioxidant benefits, improve fertility in men and also treat diabetes

Cnidium Monnier

Taking cnidium by mouth to increase your sexual performance and sex drive. It can treat ED (erectile dysfunction) too. Cnidium is also used for difficulty having children (infertility), bodybuilding, cancer, weak bones (osteoporosis), and fungal and bacterial infections.


Ginger health benefits include the potential to inhibit prostate cancer cell growth and promote the death of prostate cancer cells. Ginger also has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Piper Longum

Piper Longum has many uses such: improve appetite and digestion, as well as treat stomachache, heartburn, indigestion, intestinal gas, diarrhea, and cholera.

Velvet Deer Antler

Deer antler velvet has the potential to increase growth hormones and testosterone levels. In New Zealand there is also a study that shows deer antler velvet can help promote the growth of new blood vessels which means it could help a lot with penis enlargement.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is reported to benefit men who have ED. It can also used to treat high blood pressure, low libido in men and women. By inhibiting the activity of PDE5 that’s blocking dilation of arteries in penis, it allows blood to fill the arteries which create an erection.

Licorice Extract

Studies show several different conditions and healing properties of licorice, including: respiratory ailments, digestive conditions, anti-inflammation, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, analgesic, and skin conditions.

Muira Puama Extract

Muira Pauma is used as male sexual stimulant and treatment for erectile dysfunction. It has increased in popularity since the success of viagra (sildenafil). It also can be used to help with Alzheimer.


Damiana has a lot of male sexual benefits such as: help you achieving and maintaining erections, relieve stress and anxiety about your sexual performance. Many studies show that consuming it will rush oxygen to genital areas and help with erections. It also improves sensitivity in erogenous zones too.

L-arginine Hydrochloride

A synthetically manufactured form of arginine that combines the amino acid with a hydrogen chloride molecule. It is used to increase oxygen delivery and blood flow to your penis.

What Is The Order Process And Payment + Shipping For Extenze?

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When Extenze is not purchased at a retail location, special attention is paid to making the transaction discreet. After a credit card has been charged, on your statement the website leminternet.com appears instead of something potentially embarrassing. Shipping is conducted with the same amount of respect, as there is nothing outside of the package that gives the impression it is an adult product. All Extenze transactions are conducted professionally and swiftly so that customers may receive their shipment in just a matter of days.

My Results After Using Extenze For Two Months

I purchased Extenze after hearing about it from a friend, who had bought it from a local store in our area. Initially, I was most interested in the fact that it was said to increase the girth of your penis, instead of just the length. I cared more about this because I wanted to have better orgasms with my partner. Swallowing the tablets are effortless and they are not too big or awkward in your mouth. I put all the tablets in my vitamin holder so I was sure to never miss a day to guarantee I could track my results.

The first positive I noticed was not my libido size, but my rush of energy. I wasn’t sure if this was from Extenze, but after prolonged use it became apparent that my stamina had gone up in my day to day life, even before engaging in sex. When I was intimate with my partner the intercourse was long and intense. My endurance definitely played a part in delivering more effective orgasms, so I measured my penis the next day. This was around the 3 week mark, and I recorded that my libido was longer than when I had started.

My favorite thing about using Extenze is the spike in cravings and confidence. My prowess is the best it has ever been, and I continue taking the supplement to ensure my want and desire for intimacy never subsides. The girth that I aimed for from the beginning began to take shape after about 40 days, which seemed to be when stimulation really took off in my personal experience. The progression for me as far as changes went from endurance boosts, to length change, to girth change. Through this month and a half my orgasms kept getting more and more enjoyable, as did my girlfriend’s.

Since I was pleased with the results of Extenze, I did some research to find out why it was aiding my body so much. Though I am not a doctor, I have deduced that the yohimbe extract and controlled daily doses of l-arginine have made blood flow more frequently and at a faster rate than before. This has almost certainly contributed to obtaining erections quicker, and keeping them through an entire session of sex. I also think that the ginger aphrodisiac contributes to feelings of lust for my significant other. Overall, Extenze is safe and does not need the full two months to showcase its benefits.


Extenze has boatloads of testimonials and supply plans available, and likely the largest number of users for a male enhancement product overall. Since the tablets can be taken without supervision in a medical setting, it is advantageous for those who immediately want to make an impact on their sex lives. They are easy to swallow and incorporate into your routine.

With buyers having 60 days to test the solution out themselves, they are allowed plenty of time to make an accurate assessment at how successful they are in their positive claims.


A regiment is required for Extenze to work, and skipping days to take the tablets may render the results ineffective. It is a concoction that must build up in the blood stream to maximize its advantages, and forgetful users that do not consume one every day may be disappointed. Extenze is only as successful as how focused the user is taking them. If the individual has the capability to ingest one every 24 hours, their chances to promote a healthier and more virile sex life increase exponentially.

It should also be noted that even though Extenze can mix with other over the counter vitamins, it should never be taken if you suffer from heart problems or have prescription pills.

Where Can You Buy Extenze And How Much Does It Cost?

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Leading credence to its safety, Extenze is the easiest male enhancement product to find both online and in retail locations. Of all solutions designed for men in this space, it has by far the biggest reach for consumers. If you prefer to acquire the soft gels directly from their website, www.buyextenze.com is your one stop hub. Another trusted vendor where you can obtain them is from Amazon. They are one of the largest distributors in the world and have a proven track record of safe transactions. If you prefer to bypass the shipping wait times altogether, Extenze is found in all sorts of drug stores and nutrition centers. Walgreens, CVS, and GNC all provide ample inventory when in stock. Additionally, Wal-Mart provides this male enhancement product as well.

Because there are various sizes of supplies, price tags will vary depending on how much you want to acquire at a given time. A one month supply costs around $60, two months $110, three months $160, and four months $310. Smaller quantities of Extenze at retail stores can run between $20 and $30.

Final Thoughts

Extenze Results

If you are a skeptic of the male enhancement revolution but interested enough to see if they work for you, Extenze is the most logical place to start. It is a name brand that has a lot of science and promotion behind its advertising efforts, and because of this, some of the most solid feedback online from users. A money back guarantee is provided by their company, and consumers have 67 days to return the tablets for a full refund. Because it is a dietary supplement, it can be combined with daily vitamins in most cases. If there is any hesitation at all, consulting a doctor may be prudent. That said, Extenze’s use of non-synthetic additives make it a safe and effective choice. It is also a viable men’s health solution to limiting erectile dysfunction, even though its primary advantage is in positively manipulating the penis both in length and girth.

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