Hey my name’s Paul,

I have been in the penis enlargement circle for 8-9 years now. I always feels skeptical about penis enlargement devices and pills. Until one day I decided to create this website to gather all information about this male enhancement sexual products. I tested almost every products on the internet. To know exactly which penis enlargement products work and which are a total scams. A good sex is the foundation to any long term, healthy relationship and your penis size is one of the main factor here. Don’t deny with something like better sex techniques are more important because it’s the same you we’re talking about. You already have your own sex technique but you might lack bigger dick.

I created this website mainly to share my own experience with male enhancement pills, penis extenders, penis pumps. But there might be something more in the future.

I made it my mission to improve your sex life to the best possible, no matter what.

If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

I DO answer all emails seriously.

Enjoy people, go make your dick bigger.


    • For length go for phallosan.
      For girth go for bathmate.
      Stick with it and don’t be lazy.

  1. I’ve had the Phallosan Forte for about a month now. I’ve used a pump for size for years but the results don’t last. I’ve also caused some issues with over pressurizing. Penis got much darker in color. I like the device but each time I use it, and only pumping the bell pressure 3-4 times, when I pee it goes in 4 different directions. My erections are difficult to get or maintain. I’ve lost almost all of my ejaculation also. Is this just me or is this happening to others? I love the device and can wear it for 6-10 hrs a day without issue. But am I doing more harm than good? Should I stop or is this a transition? It’s just frustrating because I thought this was my answer. Can you help?

    • Yo, I have answered you in phallosan-forte-review.com already. sorry for the late reply man.

  2. I received my phallosan yesterday. But to roll up the condom over the bell and then back again is almost impossible. And if I get it on my penis, it slips of with in an hour. What an annoying thing! Any tips? Thanks

  3. With the phallosan I can’t roll up the sleeve condom properly over the bell. Because when I want to roll it back it doesn’t go very good. If it does work the condom slips off in about 75 minutes! Any tips for that, more people have issues? Grt John

    • I know it’s a pain trying to roll the sleeve condom over the bell. The tip is to roll over it and let it sits for 12 hours.
      You need to be flaccid when you put phallosan on your shaft. If it is flaccid in the first place the slips should be gone.

  4. I’ve tried all the viagras and generic ones. I’m using the shots for a year now trying to get the right hardness and stamina. But my girlfriend needs it harder and when I’m on my back it goes down some and doesn’t work for her. I’m using the pump some and doing more exercise. I need an inch more an a little more girth. I’m going to loose her if I can’t change something soon. Can you recommend a quicker turn around.

    • Oh man, I just saw this. I don’t really want to give a quick turn around because you are using shots already.
      For long term and 100% working method is to kegel trust me.

  5. Hi Paul,

    As many other men I would like to get a bigger dick as well.

    Somehow the PF seems to be the best extender on the market according to all reviews and forums.

    Currently I’m 5,5” inches erect size. I’d like to gain 1,25” inches and have absolutely no problem to comit using it for several hours a day for 6 months are more.

    Is it realistic and does age have any influence for the gain outcome?

    Some users claim that they loose the achieved gain in length when they stop using it, how can that happen considering the cell explanation?

    Are the gains permanent for sure?

    Kind regards

    • Age is indeed affect your gains. Imagine you’re 15-20 years old vs you at 65 years old. You get my point right?
      Anyway phallosan really works and I’m glad you will be determined enough to get 1.25 inches.
      The gains are as permanent as your other muscles. If you don’t use your leg for 1 year your legs would definitely smaller. Same goes for your penis so after phallosan I do suggest a little 5-10 minutes jelqing 2-3 times/week just for fun and maintaining your gains.

  6. Hi,
    Just used quick extender pro for 6 months with small gains. Just began with the phallosan, can I wear it more than 1 or 2 hours a day for the first days? Will my gains will be faster cause of the using of quick ext pro? Thanks

  7. I tried Quick Extender Pro but it’s terrible on my uncircumcised penis. It just slides. Will Phallosan be much better? It’s expensive. Thanks.

    • Same for me! I used to wear Quick extender and it always slides hence no gains.
      Phallosan is much better for uncircumsised penis. I just put my foreskin in the cap too.

  8. Hi Paul, I liked a lot your article with data analysis regarding the use of phallosan forte x period x increase. Your analysis is very impressive and it is a true data scientist work. I also asked to SwissSana support an explanation about the period that is good to use, because somethings are not clear for me. Despite the fact that you did good analysis, if it is true that using more than 12 hours can lead to smaller gains or even decrease the lengthening, so the tissue expanders that are used in medicine in order to grow skin for restoration (burns) should not work properly. These tissue expanders (search in Google to see how it look like) are used constantly 24h per day (because they are put in a surgery under the skin) for 8 weeks.

    So far SwissSana didn’t reply to me, but when they do, I share their answers.

    Kind regards

    • Thanks for the kind words.
      Yes, using it for more than 12 hours can reduce gains but not decrease your length. Your penis can’t lose mass my bro.
      The only way your penis gets smaller is because you’re not using it for a very long time. The same goes for your biceps.
      If you lift weight today and never use it again for 1 year your arm will definitely get smaller.
      Not sure what you want to do with the tissue expander.

  9. So 11 hours and 25 min for phalason every day without rest after 6 days? And If I use Bathmate, should I use it for 15 minutes every day?

    • 11 hours and 25 mins of phallosan everyday no rest day at all.
      Use bathmate 15 mins after you finish your phallosan session for each day.

  10. Hey I just read your review on the penomet today and I was planning on buying it to get a bigger penis, do you still recommend it? I already started using an extender so what would be a good routine to maximize my gains?

    • Ah no, we don’t recommend it anymore. Please use bathmate instead and for maximum gains please use it after phallosan sessions.

  11. Does edging cement gains . I edge at least an hour after jelqing for 45 minutes.

    Does cumming undo my hard work?

    • I think edging can’t compare to manual jelqing, I have seen a lot of people gain with only jelqing without edging, but none gain from only edging without jelqing.

      Cumming should not affect your hard work.

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