Men’s Problem Penis Enlargement

Seeking for ways to make your penis bigger can be overwhelming due to a massive amount of misinformation and overload of suggestions. The good news is that despite plenty of myths in this field, penis enlargement can be accomplished through some reputable methods. Ultimately, the best solution for you will depend on how cost conscious you are and your consistency to rectifying the problem. So what are some ways to enhance your manhood?

Penis Exercises

Penis Exercises

Penis Exercising is something we are all well aware of in our daily lives, but few realize the same type of physical exertion can be advantageous for your member. Believe it or not, there are regiments you can conduct on your penis that will cause it to grow in length and girth.

The best way to think of your genitalia is that it is manipulated by blood flow first, and the stretching of capillaries and skin second. When you pump iron on your bicep, for example, your body is ensuring that oxygen flow to the cells and distribution of proteins is at a premium. Over time, your arm becomes conditioned to this action and creates muscle. Similarly, exercises on the penis can condition your body to employ more length in its resting state. Every penis exercise routine you put into your life in an effort to gain a more sizable libido will be entirely dependent on your habits and not breaking a schedule.

Most penis exercise techniques increase the length and girth of your penis centers around jelqing, which is the massaging of the surrounding tissue and forcing blood to run through your entire penis. For skeptics of penis growth they believe there is simply no way to substantiate how gripping genitalia and performing distinct motions will provide any positive results in the future. This is patently untrue, as relieving pressure on tissue allows for the major attribute needed: blood flow.

Essentially working out your private parts is getting them primed to take in as much blood as possible when aroused. Over time this will induce stretching, and ensure length and girth have been gained permanently. Learn more about how to make your penis bigger with penis exercises.

Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders

If unfamiliar, penis extenders are devices used to stretch your penis. They expound upon the aforementioned penis exercises by performing similar tasks of stretching. The primary difference between exercises and extenders is that extenders work more quickly because it is a more continuous form of manipulation.

They are more costly, but a small price to pay if more length is on your agenda. Penis extenders work by gripping the base of your penis on one side and on another side grip at the penis neck then gently stretch it.

Your penis will be stretched, your smooth muscle relaxed and let it healed in this lengthen state. Penis extenders are for those whom are very serious about making their penis longer. An advantage to using them is that since you own the device itself, it is relatively easy to keep up with the recommended usage. In other words, it is one of the more foolproof ways to guarantee your penis will improve greatly. Learn more about Penis Extenders.

Penis Pumps

Best Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are different from penis extenders. What each device does is actually very different, but it doesn’t end there. For the most part, pumps can be bought cheaper than extenders, unless extremely high end units are being purchased.

To understand the subtleties of pumps and extenders, it is vital to know what each one is attempting.

Penis extenders stretch tissues and attempt to make the desired area the perfect resting point for massive amounts of blood. This promotes not only length, but harder erections as well. It goes without saying that more frequent erections, especially if they are maintained, are critical to noticeable growth. 

Penis pumps on the other hand stretch tissue using suction. The difference between pressure inside penis pumps and pressure inside your penis. There are good and bad outcomes to taking this avenue. Suction works quickly because it is forcing your tissue to move far less gently than exercises or extenders. It shocks your penile into having to pull in hopes that it will rest there when inches are gained. If done carefully, this can be a worthwhile endeavor. 

The downside to penis pumps is that if you don’t follow the directions, you can burst capillaries causing you to experience some level of pain and bruise. This is not to say it will destroy your manhood or your cravings for sex, but it will require some recovery time.

Learn more about Penis pumps.

Male Enhancement Pills

Best Male Enhancement Pills

By far, the most well known way to enhance your member is through the consumption of male enhancement pills. They serve as a fork in the road in this particular field because some are pricey and some are not. 

What is more troubling though is that since there is so much competition, it is harder to determine which pills are worth your time and which aren’t. Male enhancement capsules are obviously the easiest to take since they only require a glass of water and swallowing, but the ease of their use has caused some to think their end game is not fruitful.

In reality, pills to promote length have never been better with the science of today. There are, of course, several knock offs to successful pills, but it is easier to navigate through the crowded field if you know what you are looking for. For example, it is highly recommended to always acquire capsules that embrace ancient medicine, usually from Asia. 

The reason this is important is because they have hundreds of years of use in curing the body of ailments. This is particularly true in trying to curb erectile dysfunction. If you are actively wanting a bigger penis, male enhancement pills that include all natural ingredients are coveted. Artificial additives will not only stunt the process you want, but make you feel sick eventually as well. 

If you are in the boat of individuals that think male enhancement pills are placebo, you have not been paying attention to the strides made in research regarding this field. Viagra, a very popular drug for increasing an appetite for sex, is a perfect example of how your body can be altered safely to improve intercourse. The same is true of extending length and getting a larger overall member.

The key to getting the most out of male enhancement pills is to use them for a minimum of 60 days, and this is even a conservative estimate. Just like when you take vitamins, it has to be done over a long period of time to achieve the goals you are looking for. The regularity with which you consume the capsules will determine how positive they end up being for you. If you feel as though you are not seeing any substantial changes, change your diet to align with the type of pill you are ingesting. Eat foods that promote blood flow and the proper movement of enzymes. This can be in the form of teas, proteins and any substances that make oxygen flow freely. The problem may not be the pills, but your diet along with them.

Learn more about male enhancement pills.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

You have certainly heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” and never is that more applicable than discussing penis enlargement surgery. It comes with a very hefty price tag, but is the most proven way to have a bigger penis. Enlargement surgery is a combination of extension and tissue manipulation, and can feel very awkward after the process itself. That said, it works in reaching the final destination of adding inches. As with any level of surgery, doing your due diligence on both the procedure and doctors themselves is prudent. This is not an area you want to cut corners, and it is vital to educate yourself to know what you are getting into. Enlargement surgery has a longer recovery period, but the results are immediate after the appointment has taken place. This avenue should likely only be for people who have either tried everything in this field, or easily have the funds to do so.


Even though penis enlargement has been discussed for decades, it is only now being brought into medical conversations with regularity without having a negative connotation attached. Sex is obviously centered around pleasure, but is also extremely important to well-being and health, besides its reproductive purposes. Ways to make your penis bigger are worth looking into because pleasure can spike dramatically, as well as delivering a new sense of confidence and purpose in the bedroom.